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Fessura x Nuova500

Fessura x Nuova500: Fessura signs licence agreement with Fiat and launches Runflex 500

Runflex 500 signs licence agreement with Fiat for the Spring Summer 2023 season and launches Runflex 500

has signed a licensing agreement with Fiat for the production and distribution of the “Fessura x Nuova500” Capsule Collection. Bespoke textures, details and new colours inspired by the livery of the Turin icon are just some of the features that will enhance this unique project.

Fessura x Nuova500
We are very close to the launch of “Fessura X Fiat500E”, the stand-out Capsule Collection created in collaboration with Fiat. Keep an eye on the newsletter so you don’t miss any news: the quantity of Runflex 500E sneakers will be limited!

Runflex 500 is an activewear project for running and leisure created to offer new sensations of movement thanks to a patented system that lightens the stride and releases energy while walking.

The system includes 4 pads made of XL Extralight, the innovative super-light, flexible and shock-absorbing technology of the Finproject S.p.A. group, which for this special collaboration has proposed a new generation Bio Circular Attributed Compound.

Fessura Spring Summer 2023
In this Spring season we find bright and iconic colors. Choosing which one to wear will not be so easy: red, blue, green and orange should not be missed. Try your favorite shade on the Runflex Sport, the Spring Summer 2023 novelty from Fessura.

Organix 3.0 is obtained through the use of circular bio raw materials from agricultural and forestry waste or the biodegradable fraction of urban and industrial waste. This green aspect also contributes to making Runflex 500 one of the most advanced Sneakers on the market.

The launch of the Capsule will be at the Pitti Uomo in Florence on 14/17 June 2022 while its distribution is scheduled to start in February 2023. The products will be available in Flagship stores, in the numerous multi-brand boutiques, in the e-commerce platform www.fessura.com, up to the Pop-up channel in collaboration with national and international chains.

For Fessura, this is a key business development project in the expansion strategy that follows the capital increase that saw the Azimut group and other international partners join the company.

Fessura Spring Summer 2023
Fessura Spring Summer 2023

“This collaboration sums up our shared values of technological innovation, style and respect for the environment, and the Energy in motion slogan represents all its strength,” said Andrea Vecchiola, General Manager and Founder of Fessura.”
P.Rew.: Fessura Press Office

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