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Gioielleria Colombo . Caterina & Benedetta Colombo . Dario Colombo

Gioielleria Colombo: A passage of excellence between generations

The official opening of the new Gioielleria Colombo boutique is planned for the beginning of the summer, bringing world-class brands in official concessions to the heart of Monza.

The prestigious and historic brand, which has always had the face of Dario Colombo, now benefits from the competence and passion of his daughters Caterina and Benedetta Colombo, to carry on a tradition of excellence.

Elegance, culture and beauty have always been the pillars that have guided the history of Gioielleria Colombo since 1948. Under the aegis of Dario Colombo, the boutique has become over time a firm point of reference in the area for those who aspire to refined taste and the most authentic class, without compromise.

ioielleria Colombo . Caterina & Benedetta Colombo . Dario Colombo
Gioielleria Colombo . Caterina & Benedetta Colombo . Dario Colombo

With the opening of the new boutique in the heart of the city of Monza in the next few weeks, a project that is both entrepreneurial and family-oriented will be fully realised. Dario’s two daughters – Caterina and Benedetta Colombo – are among the protagonists, playing leading roles in an activity that is not only a successful business, but a high proposal of excellence to be addressed to true connoisseurs. 

Caterina and Benedetta Colombo’s adventure in Gioielleria Colombo came to life over the course of time, inspired by their father’s dedication and a passion that has always characterised the jeweller’s proposal: “we wanted to follow in the footsteps of those who had gone before us, we had the example of our father who dedicates himself every day to propose nothing that cannot be defined as ‘excellence’ in every possible declination of the term. We are aware of the challenging responsibility, but we are extremely grateful for the opportunity to grow in an environment that is both solid and visionary. It is a privilege for us to be able to bring our contribution and our ideas, precisely at this time when we are about to open the doors of an exclusive and one-of-a-kind boutique,” say the Colombo sisters. Caterina, born in 1996, as commercial director, and Benedetta, marketing director, who represent the future, and together with Dario, are giving life to what is a unique project in the Italian high-end jewellery scenario.

Study, application and passion are the characteristics that have characterised Benedetta and Caterina’s personal, as well as their training. This approach, which spills over into their daily lives, as well as their work, is at the basis of their success and of all the exceptional things they have done and will continue to do: “We are lovers of what we offer and we believe to the core that this is the winning approach to propose only excellence to a public of true connoisseurs. Taste, indeed, can be subjective ‘de gustibus non est disputandum’, we might say. But culture is always objective and the desire to fully satisfy our interlocutors leads us to constantly expand our knowledge. In the Boutique, we have the opportunity to meet wonderful people with whom we can increase our cultural background and this is what we love, more than anything else, about our work: the possibility of evolving personally as well as professionally, always adhering to the key principle that guides all our daily actions: excellence”.
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