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Maison Le B

Maison Le B colours the summer with its collection of exclusive patterns

Colourful, fun and poetic garments are those born from the creativity of Chiara Belleri, who in 2020 founded the brand Maison Le B with her sister Stefania. Stefania has unfortunately passed away, but Chiara decided to keep a promise she had made to her by taking the project forward.

A project that, from the province of Brescia, is conquering the whole of Italy and beyond, so much so that Maison LeB. in February also participated in Milan Fashion Week where it received the appreciation of fashion addicts and insiders.

Maison Le B . abito fenicottero
Maison Le B . abito fenicottero

Maison Le B.’s mission is to make its women feel unique and special, thanks to collections consisting of a few pieces for each individual creation.

The brand also has its own recognisable style, characterised by patterns designed by Chiara Belleri herself. Some garments are painted directly by hand, proving that fashion is a pure form of artistic expression.

Maison Le B . jumpsuit
Maison Le B . jumpsuit

What does Maison Le B. propose for summer 2024?
Let’s start with an evergreen from the brand, namely what is known as the ‘flamingo dress’ created by Stefania Belleri. Born strapless with side pockets and belt in the same fabric, this year it is proposed with variations in colour and fabric (with cotton jersey predominating), with and without straps. And flamingos, of course, dominate the pattern, giving a touch of joy and elegance to the wearer.

There is also no shortage of short-sleeved casual models with simple lines and designs (again by Chiara Belleri) and patterns in the background. Very comfortable to wear and for all occasions (with sizes ranging from XS to 4XL).

Maison Le B - dress SS 24
Maison Le B – dress SS 24 

Soft cuts also for the jumpsuits, strictly patterned, also suitable for special evenings.One of Maison Le B.’s must-haves is undoubtedly the kimono: made in two lengths and with various materials (silk, viscose, cotton gauze), it is never missing from the collections because it is considered a “passepartout garment” that can enhance both elegant and sporty outfits and is perfect for the beach.


Maison Le B . bikini shorts jeans kimono
Maison Le B . bikini shorts jeans kimono

Given the season, we cannot help but talk about beachwear. The brand offers, in its various patterns, both a triangle bikini (with side-tie briefs) and a one-piece swimming costume (with and without straps), both made of matt or shiny Lycra. These are swimming costumes designed for all women and in fact sizes range from XS to 4XL.

Completing the beach wardrobe are long camisole cover-ups and shorts in micro-perforated fabric (very practical, which dries quickly), made in the same patterns as the swimming costumes. Of course, shorts can be worn not only at the beach, such as ankle-length leggings (in Lycra fabric) available in a wide range of both dark and light colours.
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