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International Festival of gold embroidery and jewelery

From 21 to 25 May 2022 the city of Bukhara will host the “International Festival of gold embroidery and the art of jewelry”, with scientific and practical conferences, competitions, presentations, exhibitions, performances, theater and concert programs with the participation of artists famous, cultural and educational events.

Emili, Alyssa Coscarelli, Lauren Caruso, Amira, Nisi - Crea il tuo stile unico con i gioielli unici della collezione Pandora Signature

Create your own unique style with the unique jewels from the Pandora Signature collection

Create your style with a mix of unique jewelry from the Pandora Signature collection. Get inspired by the how our style experts wear and combine the new Pandora Signature bracelets and discover how they add personality to their look through earrings and rings.

Balibali Big shell Fascetta red

Balibali presents the jewel sandals of summer 2021

An idea that was born in Italy and travels to the splendid Bali, in Indonesia, where knowledgeable hands craftsmen assemble top quality leathers and combine them with refined materials and bijoux, delightfully embellishing the products and making them absolutely unique.