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Dai fondali dell’Oceano i tessuti di Carvico e Jersey Lomellina: il beachwear che viene dal mare

by Francesca Fortini – LA REVE PR & ADV
Summer has begun and it is therefore time to wear the long-awaited beachwear.

Elegant and trendy swimsuits but with full respect for the environment; starting from fishing nets, plastic bottles, industrial waste, fluff and textile waste to get to technical fabrics, performing and completely eco-sustainable: this is one of the objectives pursued by Carvico and Jersey Lomellina. The two companies in Bergamo, in fact, since 2016 support Healthy Seas – a Journey from waste to wear, a non-governmental association that takes care of recovering, from the depths of the oceans, abandoned fishing nets, deadly traps for marine flora and fauna, entering them in a virtuous circle of waste recovery and regeneration thanks to a sophisticated industrial process with which to create the new 100% recycled Econyl® yarn. An innovative, eco-sustainable textile fiber that is good for the planet, of which the Carvico company has the worldwide exclusivity for beachwear.From the depths of the ocean the fabrics by Carvico and Jersey Lomellina: the beachwear that comes from the seaCarvico per Maari Porto Cervo Grazia
There are now many brands all over the world that are pursuing the path of sustainability and, in fact, among the brands that use the extraordinary Made in Italy fabrics by Carvico and Jersey Lomellina for their swimwear collections there are: Sundek, Maari Porto Cervo, Sunflair, Shapes in the sand, Marble Swimwear, Selvaggi Swimwear, Ruby Moon, Summerlove, Everybody, and many others. Diving in the sea with a swimsuit that originates from the sea; help the planet with ecological and conscious choices; promote a sustainable, attentive and committed fashion industry…sometimes behind a garment there is much more than a simple choice of style!

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