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Beauty to live by Giulia Chérie . Bags and bijoux that become precious signs of style

There is no woman who does not have in her wish list a new bag or a new pair of décolletés to show off. In fact, the feminine universe has always been attracted to  accessories  such as bags, shoes or bijoux. Women are in particular  attracted  to special style accessories  that can amaze and exalt their beauty. A perfect  look  in fact is also made of details  that  complete  and  enhance the dress itself, details that sometimes can  become almost more important than the dress itself.

As regards bags, the last seasons are characterized by strong contrasts, including very  large bags and very small clutches. The trend is therefore the possibility to mix different styles and make the accessory protagonist of the whole look. Elegant if carried by hand, jaunty if you wear a shoulder bag, innovative if you show it as a necklace. Suitable from jeans to a cocktail dress, from an appetizer to the disco, micro bags are just an inevitable accessory. But also  shoulder bags are the favourites of so many women always on the move, who want to be feminine and fashionable without  giving up  comfort anyway.

The bags  proposed by the emerging brand Giulia Chérie of the young designer Giulia Maccianti promise to satisfy many different tastes and needs: from small models, in which to carry only cell phone, keys and the bare necessities, to the most spacious ones, capable of containing a small world. The contemporary design and the little eccentric style, with definite shades and nuances , are truly irresistible for women who love style and elegance. Certainly impressive creations,  made with precious materials and attention to details  to underline the Italian craftsmanship from which they come from, a true must have for women who also love the casual but sophisticated style.Giulia Chérie Borse e bijouxStarting from the shoulder bags, we can find the Christelle model  in different variants: in aquamarine blue, laminated leather, with a Swarovski crystals jewel clasp, really chic; Christelle Flora in calf leather and an elegant floral accessory; Christelle Pyramid in the iridescent shades of  pink powder, and the very sophisticated  Christelle glitter, in black nappa leather with glitter and embossed  lace. Ideal also for a  casual chic look, Giulia Chérie  shoulder bags are perfect for both day and evening, and they certainly know how to give an extra  touch of elegance.

Among the proposals of the brand in the handbag line, we find the beautiful Brigitte made of python  and laminated leather, embellished on the sides by ruffles in a very intense fuchsia. Different  variants instead for the elegant Audrey model: in pink powder iridescent paint or in oil-coloured paint, both carved  “broken glass” motif, with luminous and iridescent skin details. And for those who love daring and a more eccentric style, another version is the Audrey fur in shocking pink laminated nappa leather with a handle in fox fur. Original  the two round shaped  models Julie Flora and Celine.  Julie, in powder pink calfskin and black nappa leather, with iridescent platinum details and floral accessory with beads; Celine in pink powder  nappa leather with iridescent details, ruffles and decorative chain in copper pink plexi.

With this collection, the designer  Giulia Maccianti has wanted to reveal herself, making  unique creations for construction and workmanship, which are romantic, elegant but also a little eccentric and bon-ton, to represent the different shades  of the feminine soul. For the day but also for glamorous evenings, choose your favourite among the bags by Giulia Chérie,  a real beauty to live.
All the Giulia Chérie bags are available on the facebook page and on the site of the brand www.giuliacherie.it

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