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Modadivas Fashion Line was born in January 2008 and immediately became an important point of reference in the editorial fashion system. Expert in reaching the female audience, Modadivas Fashion Line is aimed at modern, dynamic women, fashion lovers and undisputed masters of their professional and personal life.

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Target data and traffic
73.6% of women who follow us
Reference target:
16-25: 42%
26-34: 33%
35-44: 25%
+ 46: 9%
Women workers: 67% Women workers: 37%
The growth trend is + 18.3% per month.
45,000 page views (monthly average)
31,500 visits (monthly average)
18,764 absolute unique visitors (monthly average)
82.22% of new visitors (monthly value)

Main countries of origin of the visits: Italy, United States, United Kingdom, China, France, Germany, Switzerland, Thailand, Spain, Canada, Russia, Argentina, Austria, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Turkey … Daily updates and dedicated promotion services.

Personalized info and requests:
Tel +3392638174

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