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Art forms by Svetlana Schmidt: from Orsorama to Le Carré Doré

by Cristina Vannuzzi Landini
From the cinematographic Gattopardo by Luchino Visconti to the Don Giovanni by Mozart, passing through Balzac and the decadent Russians, the French painters Édouard Vuillard and Pierre Bonnard, to settings like those of Barry Lindon, Svetlana Schmidt, architect and artist, is a beautiful creature who, on tiptoe as a tireless traveler, she captures cultural references from which she draws inspiration, she lives rooms full of an imperceptible experience, of traces and landscapes, which intervene with the power of decoration, marking, as an artist and architect, exquisite temporary locations.

Under the expert guidance of Cristina Vittoria Egger, talent scout of innate talent, she passes from the vertical gardens of Milan to the dazzling Monte-Carlo, with her eyes full of the Mediterranean sea, an eclecticism made of research, curiosity, technique, the artist Svetlana Schmidt moves light, looks like a dance, carrying a bundle of flowers in her arms for a Botticelli’s spring, the artist inaugurates in Monaco, at Le Carré Doré Gallery for a month, a personal exhibition, a trip, coming from her concept-gallery Orsorama, a place of exhibitions but also of design, objects and clothes created ad hoc with the brand Nadir Maut, on projects by artists, her fantastic hub in the heart of Milan, in Via dell’Orso.

In Monaco, Svetlana, in the Gallery that hosts, always, great contemporary artists, adapting her creations to the project by Flavia Cannata, creator of “Always Support Talent”, creates a collage, characterizing her work of art in a cleverly colored palette used and calibrated, made of thoughts, studies, memories, but also scents of lands, flowers, large fields, verses, and roses… because her works smell, they have the heart and soul of the flowers she uses for her works, which have the power to suspend time, make a moment immortal, paintings, fantastic caftans and scarves that look like kites, moved by the wind, full of flowers and colors, the construction of a world as really seen by the artist between reality, dream and fantasy, worlds and ways of everyday life to inhabit the world, codifying languages and behaviors, building an identity, thus producing not only symbolic and desirable images but mainly revealing her reality as an artist.

The artist imprints her talent on paper or on fabric, starting from traditional patterns, which, however, subverts with unexpected geometries and tells us “My subjects are always inspired by nature, where the landscape is only the origin of creation, a starting point, in a sort of abstract figurativism”, her creations are authentic works of art suggested by dreamy inspirations, a wonderful world, that of Svetlana Schmidt at Le Carré Doré Gallery, to tell stories, her works are not illusions but fantastic suggestions…

Le Carrè Dorè
5, rue Princesse Caroline 98000 Monaco www.carredor-monaco.com
Svetlana Schmidt – Galleria Orsorama

Via Dell’Orso – Milano

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