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The Aldo Galli Academy of Fine Arts in Como launches the first Master in Textiles

A training course that puts the Academy in dialogue with the industrial realities of the sector on the topics design, innovation and sustainability.

The educational offer of the Aldo Galli Academy of Fine Arts – which has been part of the IED Network since 2010 – is enriched with the first Master in Textiles, scheduled from January 2021. The Master, in English and lasting 11 months, will deepen the themes of fashion design, innovation and sustainability with a focus on strategic knowledge of the textile sector, proposing collaborations with companies in the Como district, leaders in the sector recognized on an international scale, and of which the Master’s partners are the Italian Associazione Italiana Disegnatori Tessili, the Setificio Paolo Carcano, the Setificio Foundation and the Confartigianato Imprese Como.

The idea was born precisely from the need to form a contemporary professional profile within the Como and Italian textile district: a product manager who knows the language of creativity, as well as the mechanisms of the market and the production chain.Master in Textiles . Accademia Aldo Galli - IED NetworkA figure capable of interacting, coordinating and managing textiles projects with an always open dialogue with companies. The Director of the Academy – Davide Alesina Maietti – explains how partnerships with companies play a fundamental role because they make “knowledge, best practices, technology and tools available to students”. The goal is to bring the professionals of the textile district to the “classroom” and make them teachers and tutors. Finally “companies have the freedom to field suggestions to carry out projects and insights, as well as to give the opportunity to visit archives and laboratories”.Master in Textiles . Accademia Aldo Galli - IED NetworkThe Master has an international connotation, also to respond to the needs of companies. “We want to make the Como textile district attractive for those young professionals, from all over the world, who want to bring new approaches to the theme of fabric design and, why not, who choose to continue their career in Como” adds the Director. To meet the market that needs multifaceted figures able to face managerial, creative and technical challenges, the didactic proposal has been balanced by creating “three specific areas, capable of communicating with each other: a cultural area, a technological area and a strategic area, able to approach the fabric and its production chain from different and complementary points of view “.

Two international coordinators: Fulvio Alvisi, a professional from Como who lives the textile district intensely and knows the Italian production chain in depth, and Sophie Dewulf, who has a broader, hybrid and contaminated vision with different professional experiences abroad affirms that its role within the master will be to “arouse creative interest and cultural openness towards the changes and entrepreneurial strategies that are transforming the production model of the universal fashion textile system, outlining challenges and opportunities for the product managers of tomorrow “.
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