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capispalla Fall Winter 2020 Nemozena

Nemozena: sophisticated outerwear with trendy details – Fall Winter 2020/21 collection

by Gaia Schiavetti
Dear readers, how are your days? We continue to keep you company in these uncertain times because if there is one thing that helps to distract you, it is reading, especially if we are talking about fashion-themed news!outerwear Fall Winter 2020 NemozenaIn this new article we want to help you with the outerwear shopping by introducing you to a brand that we are really enjoying! Nemozena presented its Fall Winter 2020/21 coats collection to us and we absolutely approved it.

The collection demonstrates a certain propensity for minimal and refined elegance, however, contaminated by urban practicality that completes the design with even more essential and well-finished details. I’ll give you a practical example: coats in the timeless classic pied-de-poule are not just formal garments but become versatile thanks to the lapels and faux leather details.

A creative twist with a sophisticated stylistic result that perfectly describes the Nemozena brand. Another example to better understand what I’m talking about? Simple: the classic tartan has been revisited with the trendiest colors in interesting and contemporary combinations. This freshness is all Made in Italy, from the fabrics to the design up to the realization everything is made in Italy with fabrics from Italian suppliers.

The innovation that accompanies the Nemozena outerwear for the Fall Winter 2020/21 collection is evident as in the tartan coat with front pouch enriched with eco-leather details. The most sophisticated and essential designs are not weighed down by details but leave modernity to the fabric patterns as in the coat with the spotted in blue: elegant and trendy.outerwear Fall Winter 2020 NemozenaIf the coat is not for you you can take refuge in more practical outerwear such as the long sleeveless quilted faux leather with high collar, a true mix between streetwear and an elegant coat. Faux leather is also the protagonist of the jacket model which is voluminous and elegant at the same time thanks to the urban fabric and the minimalist cut defined by the belt. If the processing of the fabric has intrigued you, you will certainly love another version of the sleeveless, this time more linear.

The style of the model is very utility and looks perfect for the city and for any business or non-business need. If you want to combine an accessory with your outerwear, I recommend that you take a look at the Nemozena bucket hats designed for the Fall Winter 2020/21 collection with workmanship and fabrics that recall the various coat models. The Nemozena Fall Winter 20/21 collection is enriched with many interesting items such as blazers and shirts but also accessories such as fanny packs have attracted our attention.

The funniest thing is to observe how the same fabric is declined on different garments with completely different cuts. In short, enjoy this gallery below to see the entire Fall Winter 2020/21 collection and appreciate quality and design. Those of Nemozena are garments created to last.

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