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Burberry “Universal passport” Spring Summer 2022 men's collection

Burberry “Universal passport” Spring Summer 2022 men’s collection

P.Rew.: Burberry Press Office
For the presentation of the Burberry Spring Summer 2022 men’s collection, Riccardo Tisci blends feelings of freedom and solidarity in an exploration of the forces that unite and inspire us, those that make us feel alive. Creating a moment of youthful positivity, the show gracefully focuses on the spiritual power and energy of music and movement.

“This show tells the power and beauty of self-expression as well as running away to find ourselves celebrating our creativity together.
I’ve always been inspired by music and its ability to transport our minds, how it connects you with times, places and people across borders. Music played an important role in my life, as a soundtrack and source of energy during my youth. So many of my memories have been forged by music take me back to an incredible time when I was discovering myself – my inner voice, my identity, my creativity – sharing my experiences with friends and sometimes even strangers along the way. It was like being on a universal journey, united by a collective sense of openness, acceptance and opportunity. I wanted the collection to capture that free spirit of youth and its honest and bold attitude, that sense of experimentation and fluidity. There is a strong feeling of unity but also of individuality: to encourage and elevate each other to express themselves freely. It is a very raw energy that is contagious, exciting and full of life. Like an awakening “. Riccardo Tisci, Burberry Creative Director

Burberry “Universal passport” Spring Summer 2022 men's collectionShot outdoors, the streaks of sand contrast with the raw, minimalist urban structure of the atmospheric Millennium Mills in Royal Victoria Docks, East London. A group of models traces a bold path through the set, each marked by strong individuality. In an inflexible and honest representation of freedom of expression, the collection challenges conventional codes with fluidity.

The looks are full of youthful experimentation and sensuality, expressed through rebellious accessories with faux piercings, vests and black leather coats. Tailoring and outerwear are similarly lined with non-conforming sleeveless silhouettes and abstract prints.

Burberry “Universal passport” Spring Summer 2022 men's collection
Burberry “Universal passport” Spring Summer 2022

The collection name “Universal Passport” is featured on sleeveless mesh T-shirts and cotton shirts, affirming the message of connection and exploration. A soundtrack that refers to the trance genre acts as a hymn to bring people together, apparently scattered within the space but transported together on another floor by the music of the British musical group Shpongle.

Music transcends the everyday in an open and uninhibited space where individuals come together to connect, actively participating in this collective experience to celebrate boundless creativity. An exaltation of dynamic youth.

Drawing on the Burberry tradition of supporting the community spirit and freedom of expression, Riccardo Tisci curates an experience full of energy and expectations for the discovery of new and unknown spaces to explore together.

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