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Look to the future | Chopard Eyewear

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Look at the future: a contradiction in terms because, if you think about it, the future cannot be looked at, only imagined, dreamed, desired. Or create, with the strength and impetus of our imagination and creativity.

An invitation to look ahead with tenacity and hope, not to stop looking at life “in color”. We wear “new glasses” that show us the future we want.

Whether we like it or not, a new era has begun, a new departure and our past, together with the present, become elements to be recreated with imagination and imagination. We chose to wear our glasses of the future and we imagined it as a collage: made of what we were, of what we loved to do. But if it is true that art creates the world then this collage creates for us a different yet possible future, vivid and full of contrasts but pulsating with energy.Anita Nø, Series #2 (Picnic), 2020. Analog collageConcept by BertelliPigola
Illustrations @npprgl

Sunglasses @ChopardEyewear
by De Rigo Vision 

Chopard Eyewear by De Rigo Vision
The Chopard Sun 2020 Collection by De Rigo Vision is the quintessence of two main axioms of the famous Swiss High Jewelery Maison: technological innovation and precious manufacturing. The choice of materials, the search for precious details that incorporate the most iconic collections of Chopard jewels make this new collection modern and glam without sacrificing the very high quality guaranteed by a player of eyewear such as De Rigo Vision.

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Anita NØ npprgl
NPPRGL is an artistic project by Anita NØ, collage artist who lives and works in Milan.
The * no is the starting point of the whole name and concept.
* no as an identity mark: each work expresses an extremely personal vision.
* no as presence / absence: paper and glue, essential elements for the creation of any analog collage, seem (but it is only an impression) to disappear once the work is completed and digitally prepared for printing.
The strength of collage as an artistic process lies in the ability to create the (new) non-existent from the (old) existing, transforming its essence: from an old cutout that has its own precise identity, you can create, by joining it with others, a new world with a totally different meaning. The worlds of npprgl recall surreal art and for this they exist without existing.
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