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#Tb to ‘90s for Alberto Guardiani Spring Summer 2018 collection

by Cristina Rizza . photo by Giuseppe Spena
Low waist pants, pop art and Britney Spears: three things that have in common an era, that of the not too distant 90s. This is the mood that inspired Alberto Guardiani for his Spring Summer 2018 collection, called “Girl Power”.

Those years (beyond the ’60s) where the world saw a wave of neo-feminism overwhelm music, art, culture and of course fashion, as the pages of i-D and The Face testify.  There are three muse from ’90s that inspired this collection: Rose McGowan, Alicia Silverstone and Natalie Portman, so different from each other but perfectly embody the idea of ​​a successful, independent and self-confident woman. Alberto Guardiani spit out the materials and colors of that century: sequins, glittered textures, suede and leather decorated with rouches, laminated leather with “discoball” effect (another distinctive item of the 90’s).

The chosen colors are lilac, orange, rose mixed with black, silver, blue and yellow. The models range from colorful sneakers, wide heels, moccasins and sabots (kings of the ’90s). Hit Collection Shoe is Ginger: signature sneakers featuring a tapered, super-functional platform with a band-wrap model. Airy is a lightweight model with romantic tones, for those who never give up on comfort but always want to follow trends with mesh mesh and iridescent laminates with opaque and glossy toned, white, lilac and orange contrasting materials.Alberto Guardiani Spring Summer 2018 women's Collection (Photo by Giuseppe Spena)Onesoul is the great novelty introduced by the current FW17-18 collection, a unisex shoe with a rich pastel-colored graphic mix, with the nylon upper and the tip of the rubberized fabric and the eggshell’s Guardian logo.  Stole at his wardrobe with rubber-bottomed moccasins: Sweet Love a slip on model and Adeline, glamorous slippers with black, purple or silver sequins covered with suede suede and strong fabric insert.

For the real ‘90s princesses, Alberto Guardiani thought of light oversize oversize in rubber, never to give up on femininity. The Holly model proposed in lilac and gray pearl or sabot in soft suede with a block color band in purple and green acid and studded heel of sequins. To complete the allure of the 90s at the Guardian presentation, the installations of the artist LaJaxx: bodies of women with glossy lips dyed with the palette of the collection instead of the head. Busy, cosmopolitan, glamorous and energetic, these are the Guardian women’s for the summer of Summer 2018.

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