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Petite Disney: The dream will come true

by Giorgia Crescia
This is the story about a brand, which was born in 1982 in Copenaghen, here the Envoldsens opened a jewellery store that became famous. I’m  talking  about of the beloved brand Pandora, that for this autumn, showed  the jewels inspirited by Disney for all of women who want to  live their fairy tales.

Hand made silver items, decorated with black crystals, zirconia stones and red and black enamels. The collection Petite Disney is formed by different elements, like  the fitted necklace and the petite charm, Pandora created also everyday charms, which we can match with the bracelets.Pandora Model Disney RomaThe fitted necklace is decorated by sparkling zirconia stones and sapphire glass realized to contain the elements of the Disney collection; the necklace is adjustable.The Disney charms can also be worn together with the other Pandora charms creating a fresh and young style. Pandora offers to all the women the possibility to leave one’s own fairytale.

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