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The nostalgic glamor by Vivetta – Fall Winter 2018/19 collection

by Gaia Schiavetti
Romanticism is its essence, its colors its strength, its eccentricity never moves away from elegance. Vivetta is a brand with a literally unmistakable style, one of the purest examples of inimitable design.

Yet, in its recognizability even Vivetta knows how to change and suddenly turn the page. For the Fall Winter 2018/2019 collection, romance is glamorous, glossy, fun and bold. Prints of mouths and hearts combined with surrealist images represent the fashion world on Vivetta garments, which, in addition to evening dresses, wants to push more and more towards the day, interpreting it with rouches, drapes and bows in a nostalgic and vintage atmosphere.Vivetta Fall Winter 2018/19From the “mother’s closet” come out timeless memorabilia, there is no room for normality, the excess in this case is in style and lengths: either very short or very long. From the drawer comes a magazine from the eighties, photographs of scents wrapped in fancy scarves enchant the eyes that would feed on that lost class. This collection brings them back to us with animalier drawings that lose their truthfulness to become iridescent holograms.

Female empowerment: on a very white dress a little red heart covers a nipple in an elegant combination of sensuality and rebellion. To reinforce the concept, the collection is enriched with masculine fabrics with unexpected colors such as overcheck and glen plaid, accompanied by details such as eye-shaped buttons.

All irreverence is shown on the jacket and the shirt that play to exchange roles thanks to the tufting technique. Embroidery remains a markand is embellished by Swarovski. The Fall Winter 2018/19 collection is completed by the sport line: prints, oversized and colorful garments.

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