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The new capsule collection by Desigual in collaboration with Miranda Makaroff

by Daria Bongiorni
Shop Desigual – Miranda Makaroff:
A new Desigual project opens up to bring newness, modernity and freshness to the brand. It  consists in collaborations with international artists who will create new prints to be applied to the brand products.

Each collaborator can create different designs, prints or illustrations that will form a capsule collection that will have his/her name. The first artist to take part at the project is the Spanish designer Miranda Makaroff, who created five new prints with a unique and exclusive design. “I was inspired by the idea of ​​bringing my paintings into the textile world, from canvas to fabric, to create a world full of color and fun, avoiding the robotic prints of the digital world. All these prints were handmade, traced with a brush and then scanned, to preserve the authenticity of the stretch ” comments Miranda Makaroff.Miranda Makaroff for DesigualMiranda Makaroff for Desigual

The color palette is cheerful, sexy and summery. The first print is inspired by the sea, with starfishes and fishes, while the second shows women in their nudity because they have nothing to hide. The third print is minimal, for those who love geometry without leaving the joy of colors. In the fourth, we find a woman lying on a chaise longue: it could be an aristocrat or an artist. Finally, the last print, with its abstract shapes, recalls the amoebae, figures that float calm and relaxed in a river of white water.

“I tried to bring together the essence of Desigual and my imagination, and I think the result is delicious. It is a collection designed for people full of life, who do not want to go unnoticed and who love to have fun with fashion, as if it were a game. It’s a collection that makes you feel free, that makes you dance barefoot on the beach, that makes you feel sensual and above all yourself ” concludes the artist.

After the experience with Miranda Makaroff, who knows what other artists will be ready for a collaboration with the imaginative Desigual.

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