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Fila and Giotto’s Back to School it’s supercolorful

by Gaia Schiavetti
Schoolchildren from all over the world, this is the last call to prepare you for your return to class! So far we have recommended the best brands to always be comfortable and stylish at school but today it’s up to me to entertain you with something you will like more.

While your mother is preparing your new clothes, you should have fun filling up the box with the new Fila products for Back to School 2018/2019. It’s time to bring some color to the bench: GIOTTO SUPERMINA and GIOTTO LACCATO have a new format that includes 18 colored pencils and 2 HB graphite pencils. And if you have messed up the most stylish novelty is the new GIOTTO Happy Gomma: a very nice pencil-shaped rubber perfect for erasing the graphite available in 10 colors. To paste the notes on the exercisebook or for some nice Christmas creations do not choose the usual boring stick of glue. Fila has created for you the GIOTTO SPECIAL STICK, a stick glue decorated with Minnie and Mickey Mouse’s prints on the occasion of Topolino’s 90th birthday. And for the most artistic works you should choose the  GIOTTO temperas in the new Tris Pack with three tubes declined in many colors with the formula based on water.Free your creativity with all GIOTTO tempera lines and choose the formula you prefer from GIOTTO Tempere School Paint, the line formed by primary colors to learn the first combinations and the super washable formula; the triple GIOTTO Tempere Extra Quality Glitter for the most glamorous works and perfect also for Christmas declined in gold, silver and red; the GIOTTO Tempere Extra Quality Metal & Pearl in gold, silver, metal and pearl white; and for the most daring the GIOTTO Tempere Extra Quality Fluo with yellow, orange and green all strictly fluorescent.

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