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Wear your tattoos with Wolford Ink

by Giorgia Crescia
For the new Fall Winter season 2018/19 Wolford creates a special collection that comes from the collaboration with five tattoo artists from all over Europe.

Wolford Ink is the name of the new line shown as a preview in the Pop Up Store that appeared from 18 September to 8 October at the Rinascente in Milan.

The idea of ​​the brand is to play with tattoos and their stay, allowing all women to be able to grant a design on the skin that is not permanent and therefore even lighter if you want.

Wolford Ink represents the meeting point between creativity, innovative spirit and craftsmanship. The brand combines its skills with those of tattoo artists from Hamburg, Milan, Amsterdam, Paris and London. Malvia, Anna, Galya, Carin and Emily Malice are millennial women who through their art are advocates of innovation and influencer of tendencies; these women fall into a new conscious majority that uses diversity and personal choices as generational highlights.

With Wolford, the legwear lives a moment of glory, where detail makes the difference. The innovative composition of the collection is given by two elements: the Nude 8 that make the bare leg look flawless and the tattoo that is put in the foreground thanks to the background provided by the sock.

The Ink Nude 8 series presents five exclusive patterns in individual packaging: each of the tattoo artists has created a work of art to embellish the Nude 8 Tights with flowers, animals and stylized human figures.

Wolford does not propose a simple “special collection” but with it represents the elevation of “the art of legwear” across the continent.In  autumn the temporary shops make their appearance in some of the most important cities in Europe, among these we find Milan, inside the Rinascente where the tattooist Anna Neudecker, known as La Bigotta, chosen to represent Italy, has customized her live drawings.

Every weekend Neudecker has been present in the temporary shop, creating exclusively her works of art on one of the Legwear Skintone models.

The Individual 10 or 20 Tights or Sheer 15 Tights in the various shades are perfect for personal tattooing, which you can get by appointment.

Wolford, a company founded in 1950 in Bregenz in Austria, which exports its products to over 60 countries, owns 262 single-brand stores and 16 online stores and manufactures and develops all its products in Europe (Austria and Slovenia) meeting the highest environmental standards in the textile sector.

An innovative collection, special and exclusive, made to enhance the legs of all women, giving a feminine touch and a different look.

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