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Simonetta Ravizza presents the new Sport Diva collection for next Spring Summer 2019

by Giovanna Fusco . photo by Giorgio Cavestro
On the occasion of the collection for next Spring Summer 2019 Simonetta Ravizza was inspired by a 60s, nonconformist, eccentric and chic tennis player, Lea Pericoli, who arrived at Wimbledon with a marabou feather dress.

After fifty years from the incident, the designer decided to resume that event by creating a new line of clothing, characterized by a hypermodern woman.

Pericoli totally revolutionized the way of thinking and dressing: it was in fact the first sportswear to wear skirts very short in the field, in a historical moment in which the players covered their legs with modesty.Starting from this Simonetta Ravizza realizes a collection out of the ordinary, entitled Sport Diva.Vaporose detachable marabou edges are applied to bombers and bikers in washed denim jackets with oversize proportions, to which the animal print pattern lends a sexy appeal; they are transformed into delightful miniskirts-poufs worn with small cotton piqué polo shirts;

they stand out in contrast with the hems of bon-ton dresses with a trapezium line, boxy jackets and short overcoats with bright shades.

Black leather abandons the aggressiveness that distinguishes it: it becomes soft and precious, perforated or inlaid with star motifs, transformed into doubled fleece bombers or biker jackets worn with very short skirts or maxi from the wheel line.The fur is proposed with luxurious discretion in a sporty version with shaved mink jackets printed with logoed motifs.
To underline the Techno-Glam character of the collection, the legendary Furrissima is declined in new versions: dégradé mink decorated with marabou; shaved mink with logoed print, inlaid with inserts in kid and mink.

A collection dedicated to a modern, contemporary, self-confident woman who moves with sensuality but also irony not only in sport, but also and above all in life.

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