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The seventh edition of Beautiful Curvy calendar

by Gaia Schiavetti
In such a fertile moment for the sensitization of the masses to the social causes previously neglected, the Beautiful Curvy calendar comes to its seventh edition, born from an idea by Barbara Christmann who launched herself in this adventure with her blog
beautifulcurvy.com and updated with the calendar.For this new 2019 edition the calendar was made unique by photos taken by Stefano Bidini to 15 models from 20 to 40 years including the winner of Miss Curvissima 2018, who have become spokesman of a very important message for our society.

Their naturally beautiful, cared, and beloved bodies have been enchanted even more by their smiles, the central element of the calendar, the detail around which the whole idea of ​​the 2019 edition of Beautiful Curvy develops.

The “joie de vivre” is the absolute protagonist of this calendar as a hymn to happiness and harmony between body and nature, an unbreakable bond that can only be found by loving one another and celebrating ourselves physicality.

We have already reached many goals in our time which, although dark and chaotic, remains one of the historical periods in which great achievements and denunciations are made on the agenda.

Regarding the fight against body shaming and the celebration of the curvy we owe our timid evolution to the determination of people like Barbara Christmann who thanks to the support of the photographer, already a consolidated supporter of the project and brands such as Sophia Curvy, Anita, Rosa Faia, Krisline and Parah Impronte managed this year to leave a decisive mark.

The team that has worked hard for the success of this project should be praised and admired for the excellent work but also and especially for the cause. The calender can be downloaded for free on www.beautifulcurvy.com and can be purchased from this year on www.amazon.it. Happy New Year to you all!

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