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Drumohr: Scottish heritage and Italian savoir-faire for a deluxe Fall Winter 2019-20

by Francesca Fortini LA REVE PR & ADV
Since 1770 Drumohr has enchanted with its fine knitwear collections which, over the years, have conquered the most selected international clientele: from the Royal English Family to the King of Norway, to Hollywood stars and many other influential jet set personalities.

It was thanks to Gianni Agnelli, in fact, that the original ‘razor blade’ pattern became an icon and took the name of ‘little cookie’.

In 2006 the English brand was acquired by the Ciocca Group, one of a major historical company in the knitwear sector, which transferred production from Scotland to Italy, combining the heritage of the English label with the Italian taste and savoir-faire.

During Pitti Uomo 95, Drumohr presented its new Fall Winter 2019-20 man collection featuring deluxe proposals made with selected raw materials and made even more special thanks to particular processes and exclusive finishes.

The color palette is inspired by Scottish landscapes, mixing classic shades such as gray, camel, vicuña, ebony, with deep and intense colors of the fruits of the woods, the burned of the earth, the green of the forests and the blue of the Northern islands, interrupted by flashes of color such as magenta, orange, bright green and peacock blue. An expanding company, which is continuing its original project of creating a woman collection for an androgynous look but, at the same time, sensual, which plays above all with the proportions, designed for a woman but created on garments apparently ‘stolen’ from the man’s wardrobe.

(female proportions for a male garment, or vice versa, a masculine garment thought with feminine proportions). With the opening of the first flagship stores, the needs of the market have led Drumohr to an evolution for which today the company is moving towards a collection no longer focused exclusively on knitwear, but on a concept of total look able to creating a real lifestyle inside its own boutiques.

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