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Chorustyle: creative flair and expressive power for the debut at the Milan Fashion Week – Fall Winter 2019-20 Men & Women Collection

by Francesca Fortini LA REVE PR & ADV . photo by Giuseppe Spena
Wellness and beauty come together in the Chorustyle collection for the upcoming Fall Winter 2019-20, presented during the Milan Fashion Week in the setting of Radio Rooftop, location with an international flavor as the style of the new brand.

An ensemble of men and women garments which reflect the philosophy of the brand and its values through a vision of fashion understood as art, culture, wisdom and Made in Italy excellence.An ethical and sustainable collection, by contemporary style, which draws inspiration from sportswear, intended as performance and well-being, but declined with a sophisticated touch and refined details.

The fabrics used are among the most performing and with the lowest environmental impact, available in the market: thermoregulatory and breathable materials, which stand out for the cutting edge of the technologies used and the eco-friendly approach of the entire production chain.

To these are added noble fibers such as the check woolen double, by the Londoner look, and the technical canvases for down jackets by a bronze-colored laminated appearance.

Garments created for an active and modern lifestyle, for men and women who, during the day, alternate moments of social and private life, and who, for this reason, look for a versatile clothing, minimal, sophisticated, but at the same time, easy.

Chorustyle is synonymous of a cosmopolitan and multifaceted look for those who live and work in an easy life context, it is a mix of material and dynamism which turns into easy-chic outfits with a young and contemporary style.

The shades ranging from cold colors such as the various shades of gray to the more decisive color blocks such as burgundy or fuchsia. A small capsule collection, inspired by the world of running, is made using avant-garde fabrics.

But that’s not all, because Chorustyle as well as in fashion, expresses in design and furnishing and decorative accessories, the fundamental values on which Chorus Life stands, that is, the Smart City project, the city of the future.

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