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The Gipsy Tour of Danilo Paura debuts in Milan for the Autumn Winter 2019

by Camilla Valentini
The Danilo Paura brand debuted for the first time at Milano Moda Uomo with the Gipsy Tour Fall Winter 2019 collection. Danilo Paura, fashion designer of the eponymous brand, chose the suggestive Teatro Gerolamo as a backdrop, a few steps from the Duomo.

With the new collection, the designer wants to express a strong sense of aesthetic freedom. Gipsy Tour is the result of continuous research by the designer, who refuses to submit to the target that society imposes. Elegance is another fundamental element of the Danilo Paura Fall Winter 2019/20 collection.The show is a real performance that is repeated every 15 minutes. The guests sat on several floors so you could see the show from multiple perspectives. Initially, the models sit on the armchairs of the main hall, as if they were spectators of the band playing on stage live, then slowly get up and take the stage.

We find strong contaminations of the Punk and Gipsy movements: the Texan boots, made in collaboration with Reparo, leather tracksuit, over sheepskin, fake fur coats and mohair sweater.

The Gipsy Tour is inspired by the 2011 film Snatch, where Brad Pitt plays a street boy. Danilo Paura is linked to the road and its simplicity and unusual elegance and Made in Italy. With the new collection manages to mix these two fundamental elements, and to propose them in new ways and in a perfect scenario: the theater.The Paura brand has an unusual name. With this collection Danilo Paura, has shown that despite the surname, is bold and courageous, with a great desire to express his thoughts and get out of the box.

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