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Balossa presents its Fall Winter 2019/20 Collection

Balossa presents its Fall Winter 2019/20 Collection at the White Milano – February 22/23/24/25

Through the way that i dress, i just want to express how i feel inside

The Men’s Shirt.. from the birth of today’s collection we extend a polite invitation to study this leitmotif of the Balossa brand;

the shirt’s astonishing appearance that dazzles the beholder into a curious and intriguing experience, that captures the eye with playful shadows that the designer brings us to analyze, details that are clearly visible but not at all simple, essential accents arising from mindful cutting techniques, elegant lighting effects being created out of a sensorial mix of fabrics, and basic accessories not merely being taken for granted as mundane collars and cuffs, but being subverted into bewitching and unusual shapes.

The Balossa Shirts want to regale us with stories, to fascinate us with their apparent simplicity that belies both their sophisticated technique and their virtuoso imagination.

From these stories we understand that we are present at a lesson in style, one that is being told to us in the most simple way, where the creativity and genius of a contemporary fashion designer is inspired by the iconic garment that represents her; The White Shirt.

And Indra, in her style lesson, makes us “read” her almost immutable white shirt, equipping it with tens, hundreds, thousands of new identities, capable of infinite variations, now becoming a small overcoat, without edges but with a raw cut, an elegant capospalla, the back accented with a quote, or an overcoat that overlaps asymmetrically.

As a rule, nothing is obvious for the designer who wants to change the order of things, using rows of ornamental hooks instead of buttons, knots that half open into slits on the hips, the bias caressing the figure, straps that tie, grasp and caress, huge safety pins on the lapels of the outerwear, masculine fabrics like flannel and The Prince of Wales that have become a must of femininity, and then knitwear and pure black, a decisive and original variation of color, shape and fabric, just to change the order of things..

from simple beginnings we take small, creative steps, allowing us to build ever-more elaborate and creative garments. www.balossashirt.com

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