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HCLC Fashion Haining

HCLC Fashion Haining: from the East the know-how that marries tradition . Fall Winter 2019/20 collection

by Gaia Schiavetti . photo by Giuseppe Spena
I have to admit it, the ZLFZSS Fall Winter 2019/20 collection was one of my favorites. Presented by the HCLC holding company which strengthens its relations with Italy and Milan Fashion Week, the brand fits perfectly streetwear trends and know-how and demonstrates not only flexibility and stylistic complexity but also tangible textile and workmanship growth.

To celebrate this union, ZLFZSS has built the Fall Winter 2019/20 collection on inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci, which for the brand becomes the precursor of the textile Renaissance that sweeps over the West from China.
It is worth remembering that when we talk about HCLC and ZLFZSS we also want to embrace the company’s support for the use of natural and green processes that are obviously mean continuous evolution and awareness.HCLC Fashion Haining For the Fall Winter 2019/20 the suggestion that comes from the East is a particular attention to the processes that include a minimal, clean and sporty version of the patchwork that in addition to mixing materials and colors, thanks to a special technique manages to give a stronger visual effect and to emphasize the cut of the garments.

ZLFZSS Fashion Haining proposes ankle-length skirts and soft-cut trench coats matched with very soft pants and alternate with very long coats.
If the inspiration is the Renaissance and the Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketches, the Fall Winter 2019/20 collection can only be colored with neutral colors like a warm beige and coffee up to a scarlet red that tastes of ancient ages that still know how to enrich the future; soft colors from pink to warmer brown are added.

Colors have the power to change the identity of a classic and a symptom of British elegance: the check becomes white, red and fluorescent green because the trends for Fall Winter 2019/20 do not save anyone.

The show was undoubtedly one of the best of this Milan Fashion Week, ZLFZSS is an emerging brand that shows that it can have a great future in the complex fashion system, its layering accompanied by sensational boots with interesting cuts and classic garments that become part of luxury street wear make the answer to what fashion asks for today.

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