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Moschino Party with Gue Pequeno

by Adriana Zingone
Moschino has decided to organize a special in-store event in collaboration with Gué Pequeno, a long-time friend of the brand, during Design Week 2019, Thursday 11 April.

The Italian rapper performed in a live performance from a location overlooking Via Capelli 1, where one of Moschino’s Milanese stores is located.

The artist is fond of the Maison, so much so that even in Sanremo, host of the duet evening, Gué performed with Mahmood with a flamboyant toy soldier-style look or dummy circus mouse. The outfit was obviously signed by Moschino.Moschino Party with Gue PequenoBack on 11 April, it was an exclusive free showcase and DJ set that Moschino and Gué Pequeno wanted to give to fans of the brand and the rapper, surprising everyone, in perfect Moschino style.

For the occasion the artist wore a black sweatshirt with Moschino logo and double question mark embroidered with golden thread and a black t-shirt with white logo print and double question mark.

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