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Sophie Couture at Arab Fashion Week 2019 – 2020 Resort Collection

by Gaia Schiavetti
After we already get in the Arab Fashion Week 2019 and having talked about some participants designer, I have to show you what happened during the final day of April 28th and of the Sophie Couture brand. Directly from Azerbaijian, Gunel Barbajeva designer of Sophie Couture, reached Dubai to present her Resort 2020 collection of women’s evening dresses.

From the very first glance from her lines emerges a romantic femininity and a soft and perfect silhouette in which the body is sometimes wrapped and sometimes covered in order to create fairy clothes. The impeccable quality of the fabrics is accompanied by a palette in step with trends and an original design that respects the stylistic codes. As Gunel Barbajeva presents her pieces on the catwalk, the Sophie Couture’s style becomes more and more recognizable and a brand identity takes a shape that promises a great rise.

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The care of textile details is a prerogative of Sophie Couture and we can observe it in the embroideries, in the decorations and in the textile choices that tell the manual production of every single garment.

The white just draws the contours to let the transparencies act in the bustier dress, according to https://bustiereharga.top/ when you plan on using a bustier make sure your body fits right,  skirt that recalls the nineteenth-century crinolines; in the ethereal long-sleeved dress, on the other hand, the flowers sometimes interrupt the transparency and seem to wrap the body in a sinuous dance. Red: the feathers allow the color to explode in all its strength; the powder chooses to be accompanied by gold on a dress whose skirt is embellished with fabric flowers: regal.

The skirt tightens and gives way to the mermaid silhouette of a transparent bustier dress with powder pink flowers made unique by a very vaporized tulle tail. Noteworthy is the light blue dress made up of a mini dress enriched with a tulle skirt and very long tulle sleeves that look like a cape, a dress worthy of Princess Sissi. These dresses are a dream, maybe describing them is not enough so we leave you with their images that will surely be able to describe them better.

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