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Collistar Trucco - Make Up . Bellezza/Beauty

Collistar, make-up, italianism and innovation from 1983

by Gaia Schiavetti
Today to help you choose your make-up among the many make-up brands, I’ll tell you the story of Collistar, which began in 1983 with a “once upon a time” starring Daniela Sacerdote, founder of the very Italian brand.

Collistar starts from its native land, Italy, presenting itself as the cometic division of a pharmaceutical brand but soon turns into an international beauty brand, a victory consecrated in 2003 thanks to the reach of market leadership, a title that it continues to hold for the sixteenth consecutive year (TNS / NPD data 2003-2018 Selective Perfumery – Selective Brands – Total Beauté).Collistar Trucco - Make Up . Bellezza/BeautyCollistar keeps going with its deserved success thanks to the continuous scientific research that allows product innovation in line with current needs while maintaining the main characteristic of its beauty products: quality.

Made in Italy is the Collistar most envied element by international brands but competitive prices for the sector make the brand even closer to consumers. Collistar has also proven to be safe for skin, you can read more at skinhelpers.com , this website is reviewing beauty and skincare products that you will find useful in the future.
It would be easy to communicate such a strong brand, yet Collistar loves challenges and invests all its energies also in communicating its products so that customers can easily perceive the quality and research behind the product.

All this is pure passion, started with courage and carried on with commitment to bring Collistar products for her and for him in 40 countries. Make-up for Collistar is one of the most important areas. The brand wanted to combine the aesthetic effectiveness of the product with a quality that is above all essential in ensuring respect for the skin and its natural beauty.

In addition to make-up, one of the most fertile areas at this time is skincare that women and men seek to incorporate into their beauty routine. Collistar has decided to excel also in this branch of the beauty sector with the “molecules of youth”, a line that uses the most effective substances for youthful skin and that includes Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Glycolic Acid, Omega 3 + 6 in drops, cream or in molecular spray.Collistar Trucco - Make Up . Bellezza/BeautyYet the most important revolution in Collistar’s skincare came as early as 1993, when Daniela Sacerdote left for Mexico and discovered a curious scrub with crumbled maize, sea salt and essential oils. From here the idea of ​​Talasso-Scrub, a blend of 90 types of sea salts with nourishing oils and energizing essences, the perfect mix between thalassotherapy and aromatherapy.

As anticipated, Collistar takes care of every aspect of your beauty and if you’re wondering if you can bring the brand with you even on vacation the answer is: absolutely yes! Tanning products for body and face are combined with anti-cellulite products, perfect for treating the disease throughout the year. Another successor Collistar welcomed by the public with enthusiasm is dedicated to him, indeed to his abs.

Trattamento Addominali Perfetti (Linea Uomo) is a remodeling treatment with slimming phytoextracts, seaweed, red pepper and carnitine. Collistar is a brand that never stops and for this reason creates new projects like “Ti amo Italia” dedicated to the excellence of Italian raw materials created together with the University of Siena to create products made with these special ingredients.

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