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Chanel Spring Summer 2020 accessories

Chanel backstage, accessories Spring Summer 2020 collection

P.Rew.: Chanel
Today, the ethereal allure is dancing. Accessorised with sandals that come with jewelled or strass-embellished straps or are flat and two-tone, and occasionally little hats, the silhouette is fluid and light.

In a large version, the Chanel 19 bag comes swathed in printed silk twill, while the 11.12 bag is back in tweed to match its suit. Zip-up bags in leather or tweed are reminiscent of schoolgirls’ pencil cases: the Chanel signature appears handwritten in chain interlaced with leather.Chanel Spring Summer 2020 accessoriesThe flap bag is refreshed with a wrist bracelet or a braid in two-tone grosgrain ribbon. Others have a more precious note: beads set with chains or sequinned embroideries with floral motifs. Gently, a ruffle is laid here on a strap or there on the flap of a half-moon clutch.Chanel Spring Summer 2020 accessoriesEver present, couture jewellery is worn in accumulation: pearl sautoirs and brooches, necklaces in coloured crystal or punctuated with strass-covered balls and cuff bracelets signed Chanel Paris.

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