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Shiseido Make Up

From the foundation to the lipstick: Shiseido’s make-up products

by Gaia Schiavetti
Today we will talk about
makeup and beauty again with another leading brand in the sector: Shiseido.

A symbol of continuous research, innovation and attention to product quality, for years Shiseido continues to fuel its success with new beauty care and make-up products that are already becoming the favorites of many women.Shiseido Make UpAmong the most famous Shiseido creams are: Concentrate Facial Moisturizing Lotion, a 100ml moisturizing emulsion for the face, also available for him (Men Moisturizing Lotion); Benefiance WinkleResist24 50ml Night Cream fights wrinkles during the night; Men Total Revitalizer 50 ml, the revitalizing anti-wrinkle cream for him. Also excellent as a makeup base among Shiseido creams is Waso Clear Mega Hydrating Cream; Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizing Cream is the revitalizing and regenerating day cream with anti-age action; Benefiance winkle-Resist24 Intensive Nourishing and Recovery Cream 50 ml is perhaps among the most powerful Shiseido face creams with an intense anti-wrinkle action.

After this brief introduction on Shiseido face creams for him and her I would like to switch to the brand’s makeup products that offer a very very wide range with different lines according to the needs of each individual woman, age and skin type. Let’s start from the base: Shiseido offers many liquid and compact foundation solutions with different protective, moisturizing, covering and nourishing formulas. As for intimate, a cream from Anal Bleaching Expert will work magically to un-even skin and bring it more light and younger looking.

For the Makeup line Shiseido offers: Advanced hydro-Liquid Compact Makeup, a compact moisturizing foundation with SPF10 with the possibility of refill; Makeup Sheer and Perfect Compact also compact with refill and SPF 15. My favorite is Makeup Radiant Lifting Foundation, an innovative foundation with lifting and illuminating effect with SPF 15.Shiseido Make UpThe Shiseido Makeup line continues with the concealers including Makeup Refining Makeup Primer, the primer for foundation with SPF 15; Makeup Pore Shooting Corrector that hides pores and refines skin; Makeup Reflecting Stick Concealer, the phenomenal long-lasting concealer.

Among Shiseido makeup bases we also find Waso Color-Smart Day Moisturizer, a light colored emulsion with moisturizing and protective function SPF 30 also available in SPF 30 without oil; Pureness Matifying Compact Oil-Free Foundation, another proposal for a compact foundation SPF 15; Sun Care UV Protect Compact Foundation, a compact SPF 30 waterproof formula to be completed with Sun Care SPF 50+ compact powder.

Among the Shiseido powder proposals I also recommend the Makeup Translucent Loose Powder but above all the seven-color illuminating powder Makeup 7 Lights Powder Illuminator. You can complete and define your Shiseido makeup base with the compact bronzer Makeup Synchro Skin Cuschion Compact Bronzer. Let’s move on to eye make-up: let’s intensify the look with Makeup Controlled Chaos Mascara Ink, the volumizing black mascara and with Makeup Kajal Ink Artist, the 4 in 1 eye pencil.

Defined and moisturized lips even with a matt color? Shiseido thinks about it  by proposing Makeup ModernMatte Powder Lipstick the opaque powder lipstick. When it comes to the night you want to remove makeup without leaving traces of makeup on your face and neck? If you are traveling or running late, you can use Generic Skincare Refreshing Cleansing Sheets 30-piece make-up remover wipes.

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