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Francesca Marchisio " Oxymoron " Spring Summer 2020 collection (photo by Giuseppe Spena)

Francesca Marchisio, creativity and comfort: Oxymoron’s paradoxes

by Adele Decarolis . photo by Giuseppe Spena
Lightness, comfort and creativity characterize Francesca Marchisio’s vision of Spring Summer 2020 collection. As a result of this, the stylist designed Oxymoron, which is a contemporary, young and fresh collection, represented by different tonalities of white and pink, but also by brighter colours, such as yellow and green.

The collection isn’t just innovative, but a real artistic expression of its own creator too, who generated architecturally studied chloting.
Every piece belonging to Oxymoron has been designated to be reversible and to play with the idea of the opposite and the antithesis, without ever leading to something too complex.Francesca Marchisio Spring Summer 2020 collection (photo by Giuseppe Spena)The garments which gave birth to Francesca Marchisio’s ideas were the long and thin blazers, the adjustable over pants in waist, the voluminous skirts and dresses, also characterized by irregular and draped folds.

Even fabrics have been carefully chosen in order to express in the best way lightness and freshness, in fact the collection includes printed Habotay silk, linen, canvas and cotton.

It is possible to see brightness especially in the clothes’details, such as in the seams, in the bicolor of trench, and in the irregular linen flames placed in trousers, as a bicolor denim effect.

One of the most relevant innovation is the Waste&Preciois: Upcycling Capsule, which is the stylist’s joining to the fashion project in which elegant garments are produced by using sustainable materials and also inspired by the idea of a “healthy” economy: Oxymoron certainly made this one of its strenghts, and waste materials have become intrinsic characteristics of the pieces in the collection and expression of the Italian craftsmanship.Francesca Marchisio Spring Summer 2020 collection (photo by Giuseppe Spena)The Francesca Marchsio’s Oxymoron collection is ready to become a protagonist of Spring Summer 2020 season, thanks to its dynamism and contemporary, which are both perfect to enhance every women’s style.

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