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Ynot? Spring Summer 2020: Freedom and creativity beyond customs

Ynot? Spring Summer 2020: Freedom and creativity beyond customs

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The emotion of images, colors and symbols: The authenticity of Ynot?
The Spring Summer 2020 collection unleashes freedom and creativity beyond customs
Romantic, iconic and versatile is the Ynot? collection conquers the Spring summer 2020.

Like in every season, Ynot? leads us on an extraordinary journey, towards dream destinations. The Yes Bag line, dedicated to women dreamers, projects us into the symbolic places of the most beautiful capitals of culture and fashion. To conquer, also for the next season, will be the picturesque fantasies that immortalize the most famous glimpses of Italian and non-Italian cities, with their unmistakable watercolor shades.Ynot? Spring Summer 2020: Freedom and creativity beyond customsFor the next season, the flagship collection of the brand is joined by POP, a line that explores the main Italian and international cities highlighting their key points through the use of contrasting embroidery. From New York and Paris, arriving as far as Cuba and San Francisco, it is perfect for those who want to express themselves in a unique and distinctive way.

Next to the more iconic lines, Ynot? also presents several collections capable of expressing their personality with style and character. And while the refinement and elegance of the Oriental tradition explodes on the models of the Geisha line, the more grunge soul of the brand finds maximum expression on the bags and accessories of the New Underground, characterized by maxi lettering and a biting and contemporary aesthetic.Ynot? Spring Summer 2020: Freedom and creativity beyond customsAs with every season, the collection is a means to express one’s personality and tell one’s emotions in complete freedom.

Then we can forget the lines Bella, Daisy and Megan, in soft leather, with a seductive style and reversible models, like Macro Flower, which instead aim to combine functionality and capacity, as well as offering customers the opportunity to change bags (and look ) thanks to a few simple steps. Ynot? Spring Summer 2020: Freedom and creativity beyond customsThe lines of the Spring Summer 2020 collection are in fact born from the desire to provide every woman with the possibility of always having a dynamic accessory with her, able to transform herself and adapt to every situation in a natural way.

To complete the new collection, the clothing line, characterized by numerous proposals in the name of eclectic waves, for unique looks and a glamorous character. A mix of metropolitan determination and romantic character make the Ynot? clothing line  perfect for every occasion:
floral prints and geometries, spring tones mixed with pop shades complete the collection, making it a must for the next season.

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