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TPN & TPN x Lotto collezioni Primavera Estate 2020

TPN & TPN x Lotto Spring Summer 2020 collections

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The TPN Spring Summer 2020 collection travels around the world stopping in the warm Spanish lands and in the Greek tradition. Always attentive to trends, TPN balances ultra-modern garments with pieces of the cultural tradition of Spanish fashion.

Traditional dresses with pom pom flamencosi transform into romantic dailywear clothes; the maxi ruffles of the skirts rise to the shoulders forming large wheels in black and white voile; the high-waisted trousers increase in volume from the knee to reveal the ankle; fringes like wild manes on trousers and over t-shirts create movement, like rhinestones on pleated longuette skirts.TPN Spring Summer 2020 collectionsTPN from Spain flies all the way to Greece, during a summer trip, and dresses the woman like a goddess, with a one-shoulder dress, strictly black and white, with patterns with fringes on the neck and at the waist like a belt. The symmetrical geometries of Greece return to cotton shirts and trousers, net on collars and cuffs creating a sensual play I see / do not see.

Precious and elegant, the San Gallo lace tops and trousers, fresh and with a bon ton style, a delicate reminder of childhood, but with the grit of cuts and shapes, they return to the one-shoulder sweaters with a tail.

The Lurex, the silver laminates of the tight-fitting zip t-shirts, the fancy sequin mini-dresses, the denim shorts embellished with crystals, and the bicolor animal print are the must-haves of the Spring Summer 2020 collection.

TPN x Lotto
Born from the collaboration with the sports brand Lotto, TPN x Lotto is intended for a young audience that follows trends.

The Spring Summer 2020 collection is suitable both for dailywear and for all night long big parties, with silver metallic mini dresses, fire red miniskirts with large wheel volumes that streamline and the legs create an optical effect, long polka dot veil dress with branded straps of the double lozenge brand.

Fil rouge of the capsule collection is the sport, with a touch all-female affectionate:
the classic white t-shirts light up with rhinestones, the shorts are in black satin with side pockets, the logos are hot-glued mini-rhinestones from which Swarovski fringes rain down, the acetate tracksuit trousers they have side slits and match with sandals or décolleté.TPN x Lotto Spring Summer 2020 collectionsFaithful to the sporting partnership, TPN x Lotto disguises the suits and makes them trendy with black laces at the waist instead of belts, mini skirts with a technical fabric have maxi pockets and close-fitting t-shirts close up to neck with metallic zip.

Denim tips with a white and red side band, contrasted in the collection with an electric blue and fluorescent yellow, the color of summer.

Fringes everywhere that create movement, on sweaters and overalls, self-referential with maxi luminous logos.

“Tennis” style for the complete crop top and miniskirt in white with armholes, high-necked with zip, and the iconic maxi sweatshirts with drawstrings on the hems from which comes a multicolored fringe of fringes and rhinestones; in gray or white version, with oversized sleeve and wide crew neck.

TPN x Lotto is intended for those who love to mix styles, to those who add a sexy touch to a male-oriented garment, to those who prefer comfortable garments but with the special touch of “detail”.

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