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All about Makeup Revolution: the most eclectic make-up brand

by Gaia Schiavetti
Let’s go back talking about make-up with a beloved brand that stands out for its continuous and very fast innovation. Makeup Revolution is a leading brand in the make-up sector followed above all by the very young and by the generations that have made social the new way of doing make-up, each video or post becomes a small master-class of inspiration for a vast audience.

Makeup Revolution is the spokesperson of this continuously growing modernity and does not escape the speed with which the make-up world evolves and reinterprets past trends mixing them with modern needs. In keeping with this line of modernity and continuous updating, Makeup Revolution has created palettes, its strong point, in collaboration with two web stars.Petra LovelyHair . Makeup Revolution: tutto sul più eclettico marchio di trucco . By Petra                                           Petra LovelyHair

The first collaboration with the Czech blogger Petra LovelyHair sees Makeup Revolution creating a palette of 36 eye shadows that include basic shades for natural make-up, earthy for smokey eyes, pink-purple and other colors like red, yellow, orange and oil for those who want to dare.

The second collaboration which is also the most recent was carried out with the British youtuber SophDoesNails and includes a collection of eye shadow palettes and illuminating palettes. The eye shadow palette includes many shades from those suitable for day make-up to blue, purple and matte green or shiny for the evening. Even the highlighter have been designed to cover all shades: white, gold, peach, pink.SophDoesNails - Makeup Revolution: tutto sul più eclettico marchio di trucco . SophDoesNails

Makeup Revolution eye shadow palettes are rich in colors and pigmentation and to make them unique, there is also essential and modern packaging, trendy in the case of collaborations, more professional for other editions. Among Makeup Revolution’s most popular eye shadow and makeup palettes is the Mermaids Forever which offers a vast range of colors for a total of 22 totally Vegan pods. Why is Makeup Revolution literally so revolutionary?

Because it offers quality make-up products at very competitive prices, making any type of product accessible from the most basic make-up to the most advanced skincare.

Makeup Revolution also offers eye and eyebrow, face and contouring, lips products and brushes. Now I would like to talk about some of the most famous and requested lines of this make-up brand.


Makeup Revolution: tutto sul più eclettico marchio di trucco . Soph X rossetto . SophDoesNails

Revolution PRO is the brand born together with Makeup Revolution through which the mother brand distributes its most professional, sophisticated and advanced products with the widest range of colors and variants designed for those who have made makeup their job or for those who require a product of maximum performance for their make-up.

I Heart Revolution is instead the line dedicated to beauty addicts, in other words those for which makeup is not only quality, convenience and performance but also colors, packaging and perfumes.

The iconic product is the illuminant enclosed in a heart-shaped packaging available in many variations and in the mix of tones from the coldest to the warmest Unicorns Heart, Dragons Heart, Mermaids Heart. Yet no make-up is perfect without a good foundation and adequate and consistent skincare. Makeup Revolution also thinks of this with Revolution Skincare in which it offers creams, serums, peeling masks and much more!

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