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Eleventy presents the new Autumn Winter 2020 collection

Between innovation and tailoring: Eleventy presents the new Autumn Winter 2020 men’s collection

by Giovanna Fusco
Balance, coherence, innovation: the new Eleventy Fall Winter 2020 men’s collection proposes a new vocabulary, where Made in Italy communicates with the contemporary and where clothes become the main means of communication.

Quality of raw materials and fabrics, streetwear details are expertly mixed creating a result made of balance and harmony.

Maintaining a 100% Italian production is a demonstration of love for one’s roots, but it also expresses a concept of sustainable economy focused on preserving those micro-businesses that still stand out worldwide for their quality and uniqueness. Buying a Made in Italy product means acquiring luxury and values ​​”, declares Marco Baldassari founder of the Eleventy Group and creative director for men. “Our commitment also goes towards the environment with a production at Km 0 and careful to contain the pollution of our Planet.”Eleventy presents the new Autumn Winter 2020 collectionFor leisure, a sport-chic line is born, glamorous and comfortable at the same time, thanks to high quality raw materials: the precious Goza cotton interprets t-shirts, tracksuits, sweatshirts in a mix and match of fabrics and colors with contrast; modern wide-ribbed velvets are revisited with surface treatments for a vintage used effect. Cashmere is declined in sweatshirts with colored drawstrings and light-fluffy unlined coats for a sophisticated and ideal look for all occasions.

It does not end here: for those who recognize themselves as metropolitan gentlemen here is a casual-chic style, which does not give up wearing clothes with a functional fit that are however suitable for different times of the day. The handmade jackets lengthen becoming softer, full of details, thanks to personalized horn or metal buttons. In the same way the coats are longer and more comfortable in volumes, to be worn also with sweatshirts and sneakers, keeping a more modern and less demanding aspect.

The great quality of the materials used, the Italian workforce and the attention in the aesthetics of the treatments, together with the refinement of the accessories, place Eleventy at the top of the Italian denim production.

The journey into knitwear also continues through research into the innovation of “beautiful knitwear”. Noble and high-end yarns such as Camel, Yak and Cashmere, with a precious, soft hand: everything contributes to making the garments original and pleasant to wear. Particular attention is also paid to the interiors of the cashmere bomber jackets, dubbed with thin mesh “linings”.

The flagship of the Eleventy Knits line is the knitted jacket, similar in all to the fabric jacket and which takes on new characteristics of elasticity and comfort with internal stretch seams. Accessories cannot be missing, completing the look and enriching it with style. Sunglasses have a gritty soul; knitted or baseball hats finished with leather or grosgrain cords are made of the fabrics and yarns of the collection. Finally, shoes, bags and belts follow the continuous search for beauty.

An acronym for Equilibrity, the Eleventy monogram contains the three symbolic letters of the Brand, E T Y: it thus manages to offer a personal language by offering garments for a wide range of situations, roles and interpersonal relationships.

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