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Chrustyle Fall Winter 2020/21

The new eco-friendly capsule collection by Chorustyle for Fashion Week 2020

by Adele Decarolis
Chorustyle has shown with its new eco-friendly capsule collection that it’s possible to put together fashion and eco-sustainability by using an entirely green cashmere.

In the 30 garments that make up the collection, in fact, the main material was the cashmere, symbol of luxury, worked with a process that regenerates the waste of fibres in order to use them again, creating an excellence certified by the best global ecological standards for the integrity of the material during the recycling chain.

The Italian brand manages to distinguish itself by being always actual, both for its attention to the environment and for the youthful style adopted, which is sporty but also elegant and perfect for any occasion.Chrustyle Fall Winter 2020/21The man urban collection by Chorustyle expresses the contemporary style through sophisticated jersey jackets, “formal-chic” sporty trousers, jumpsuits and jackets in ecocashmere, and through the use of other special materials such as smooth silk velvet and mohair. For women, however, the brand has focused on brighter garments characterized by slightly opaque pailettes.

The colors selected for the looks presented during Milano Moda Uomo were mainly autumn and warm with different shades of camels, grays and mud, with some more vivid details given by the gold and the rose.Chrustyle Fall Winter 2020/21As the managing director Gianluigi Belotti has commented “In a light of circular economy and sustainability we have decided to demonstrate how sustainability itself can be extended to a precious material such as cashmere that, with recycling, maintains its precious and sustainable DNA and it’s the protagonist of a virtuous and advanced production and regeneration process”, therefore Chorustyle has found the right compromise using the concept of recycled fashion to create elegant, innovative and versatile garments, suitable for everyday life and for the personality of everyone: a great example to follow for a future of fashion increasingly linked to the respect for the environment.

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