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Voile Blanche People

Voile Blanche People – Spring Summer 2020  Adv Campaign

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Voile Blanche presents the new Adv campaign for the next summer season, which is inspired by authentic people, without setting personal, aesthetic, cultural limits, respecting their unique style and habits.

Individuals different from each other, with a marked personality, each ready to tell their private world.

The goal of the brand is to identify and dress those who want to be original, creative and attentive to design, manufacturing and innovative materials, without ever falling into the conventionality of mass products.

Talents with the awareness that style is not in excess but in detail, in the comfort of a shoe created to accompany the person at all times of their day. A mix between sporty details and modern lines, in an alternation of different but complementary styles that are born from a casual-wear taste and tailoring experience.

The “Voile Blanche People” campaign is a long-term story with a contemporary appeal, which continues the path started by the brand for several years, with the aim of sharing the everyday life of the people who wear Voile Blanche and creating a community made of people from different worlds and scenarios.

The project sees brand enthusiasts as ambassadors, people who follow an interest and who live every day to achieve their dreams with versatility, eclecticism and style choices.

All with an authentic personality and a special story to tell.

The goal is to portray the protagonists in the most natural way possible, photographing them in environments that tell about themselves and their daily life-style.

There is the urban designer with a minimalist taste, the singer-speaker and the type-design graphic designer, the master perfumer who moves among the shelves of an eighteenth-century pharmacy and the young Turin actor: for all Voile Blanche becomes part of the their life becomes part of their history and the authentic way of living with taste and personality.

Voile Blanche People: the talents
Derek Castiglioni
Derek is an Italian urban garden designer. She loves traveling, designing and seeing how projects take shape. After a degree in architecture from the Polytechnic of Milan, he moved to Australia to deepen his studies in urban design. Technical knowledge, construction site experience, family tradition and a pinch of art are the main ingredients of his works.

For Derek, elegance is a synthesis in two words: cleanliness and linearity.Derek Castiglioni . Voile Blanche People
Sileno Cheloni
He moves among the wooden shelves of an eighteenth-century pharmacy, wearing white gloves and carefully handling small ampoules with some of the rarest raw materials in the world.

He learned the secrets of the trade on the island of Cyprus. Soon his creations ended up among the shelves of Harrods and the collections of great stylists and today it is he, Sileno Cheloni, 47, who boasts the title of Master perfumer.
For Silenus, elegance is the way you wear an invisible dress.Sileno Cheloni . Voile Blanche People

Matteo Anselmi
Matteo Anselmi is a 27 year old actor from Turin. He trained at the Teatro Nuovo of the Turin capital and at the Teatro Stabile del Veneto. In his curriculum many seminars.

He won the national competition for young actors, conceived by the Gabriele Accomazzo Foundation for the Theater, with an intense monologue taken from Vittorio Alfieri’s “Agamemnon”.
Matteo claims to have met art halfway through a particular period of his life.Matteo Anselmi . Voile Blanche People

Marta Bernstein
Marta Bernstein, graphic designer and type designer, lives and works between Seattle and Milan. Graduated in communication design at the Polytechnic of Milan, she obtained a master’s degree in type design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (NL). Typography and characters are his passion and the common denominator of many of his projects. He has a penchant for nineteenth-century decorative characters, his research theme for many years.

Marta recognizes elegance in quality and knowing how to choose.Marta Berstein . Voile Blanche People

Vittoria Hyde
Vittoria, 23, born in Monza, raised in Monza and southern Germany, is a singer and radio speaker. As a child, her passion for music led her to participate in various school activities: operas, theater, ballets and some singing competitions. He studied at the MAS (Music, Arts and Shows) musical academy in Milan.
Vittoria wears Voile Blanche to live every day with personality!Vittoria Hyde . Voile Blanche People

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