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BINF Fashion Show . Shein, Oro Not . Patrizia Conti, Smo'H Wil

Binf Fashion Show: Shein, Patrizia Conti, Oro Not, Smo’h wil on the catwalk for the 15th edition

P.Rew.:Binf Fashion Show Press Office .  by Giorgio Cavestro
On Sunday 23 February the fifteenth edition of the Binf Fashion Show took place, and thanks to the
success achieved and past editions, we have seen on the catwalk in this edition stylists full of dreams and hopes that have come true. For the 15th edition, Binf Fashion Show looked for a new location, The Singer, in the pulsating part of the city of Milan.

The Shein brand combines the functionality of everyday clothing with the aspiration of the world fashion and trendy. Her clothes are transversal, ideal for the woman who works all day but does not want to give up being feminine and trendy. The attention to detail and the choice of lines create a modern and very transversal collection.BINF Fashion Show . Shein . photo di Giuseppe Spena

PC – Patrizia Conti
PC is a brand born from the desire to make a dream come true, not to let go of routine daily but to struggle with herself and with the problems of life to achieve the goal lusted.

the PC brand wants to be an avant-garde fashion brand and with its garments wants to make happy woman even in the most difficult days, feathers with color and their sinuosity will do smiling the wearer and sometimes fashion could surprise and transform a day. PC, with its magic, in addition to being Patrizia’s dream could hide one in itself new vision of fashion, lighter and more elegant.

In this historical moment so uncertain and complicated, PC brings the world back to the right size of fashion, giving the wearer a simple lightness and strength to always be themselves.
BINF Fashion Show . Patrizia Conti
Oro Not
Oro Not was born from the dream of creating a Made in Italy women’s clothing collection, outside from normal conventions. The name Oro Not underlines this break as an element of uniqueness of their creations:

break from the traditional use of gold in the fashion sector; break from decision forced to choose between black and white, but the freedom to escape this choice.

Gold is reinvented, alternative, a new gold. For this collection the common thread is the Gold element, as declined in the name of the brand, never as in this season the details in gold laminated fabric become a symbol of rupture.
BINF Fashion Show . Oro Not
Smo’h wil
The project involves the whole family, a native of Grumo Nevano, who decides to get involved and make a passion and a project a real reality. The collection created is dedicated to the young woman, modern and in step with fashion. Eager to find unique, refined clothes with clean and minimal lines to wear throughout day.

The research of fabrics, innovative prints and the study of lines together with the total Made in Italy makes each Smo’h wil garment a unique and desirable garment.BINF Fashion Show . Smo'H Wil

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