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Bagni Luisa per Mimì à la Mer

Bagni Luisa and Mimì à la Mer present an exclusive capsule collection of 4 swimwear dedicated to summer 2020

A tribute to our country of two brands “Bagni Luisa & Mimì à la Mer” that have made Made in Italy their pride and their figure of values ​​and style.

The creativity of the garments finds inspiration in four cult places of Italian holidays, Fregene, Jesolo, Milano Marittima and Rimini. The sea, in popular imagination since the 1960s, with its stereotypes, unforgettable soundtracks, games and laughter, loves, the cinematic style of the Italian east coast and the familiar warmth of the Capitoline sea.

Thanks to the artistic direction of Motel 409, the creatives Ivan Grianti, Olimpia Taliani, Lucrezia Cuccagna and Alessio Keilty portrayed the heads of Bagni Luisa for Mimì à la Mer in an image campaign dedicated to the emotions and memories aroused by an extremely evocative collection .Bagni Luisa for Mimì à la MerThe swimsuits of Bagni Luisa for Mimì à la Mer find inspiration in the traditional graphics of the beach chairs, one of the main symbols of our summers, always, with the red, blue and gold vertical bands; red, white and green; vintage yellow and green. The whole with double bow, even for the girl, with the colors of a perturbed horizon at sunset.

The artisan and local production of Mimì à la Mer guarantees the quality of the Italian manufacturing tradition, to which is added a selection of excellent materials and a precious search for new graphics.

Both brands pay close attention to sustainability issues, including in the details. Packaging is biodegradable, urban deliveries made with Urban Bike Messengers and, as usual, Bagni Luisa donates 10% of the sales made on its website to independent clinical research through the Mario Negri Institute.

Bagni Luisa
“A brand with a sunny spirit that declares its deep love for Italy”; Bagni Luisa was born from this imaginary, a line of timeless objects with an Italian soul. Bagni Luisa is a young brand born from an idea of ​​its founder, Luisa Bertoldo, who a few years ago invented the phantom Baths of the same name as storytelling places where to gather brands and people and where to fantasize with graphics and inspirations on an Italian retro imaginary . In a short time Bagni Luisa turns into a real line of timeless objects with a Mediterranean soul. Bagni Luisa garments are born each time from different inspirations but are united by a typically Italian and deliberately stereotyped imagery.Bagni Luisa for Mimì à la MerMimì à la Mer
The love for fashion and the sea, so Mimì à la Mer brand of the Milanese designer Michela Occhetto was born, who decides to concentrate her creativity in the world of beachwear. The passion for the ’60s and’ 70s and the elegance of those times is interpreted in a modern key, evoking a retro style, to create timeless garments. Mimì à la Mer’s project is to create exclusive collections of the highest quality conceived and produced in Italy, maintaining limited editions to guarantee the exclusivity of its product to those who choose it.

Particular attention is given to the excellence of the materials, the research focuses on the choice of color palettes with a vintage flavor and on the creation of the graphics of the fabrics created exclusively for the brand. Each design is thought by the designer who often takes inspiration from old films or photographs, even art significantly influences the choice of colors or subjects. The goal of the collection is to create a total look consisting of versatile costumes and clothing, which can accompany us to experience the long summer from morning to evening. Someone called Mìmì à la Mer the most poetic line of costumes in the world, Michela likes to think so.
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