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Daniel Essa Sneacker Made In Italy

Daniel Essa: From the war in Syria to successful designers with the 1st Made In Italy collection

The French brand makes its debut on the Italian market with its first collection of Made in Italy sneackers
From war to fashion: the redemption of Daniel Essa, who escaped Syria and is now a successful designer

The revival runs on sneakers. Syrian Daniel Essa escaped from the war first reaches Spain and then France where in 2014 he obtains refugee status.

Raised in a Christian and conservative family, he found his partner in crime in his grandmother: “I was still a child, with legs too short to get to operate the pedal of the sewing machine, when I started having my first couturier experiences “, Against the advice of his parents for whom what was learned was not a” man’s job “.Daniel Essa Sneacker Made In ItalyAfter attending courses at the famous French fashion school Esmod in Damascus, Daniel concretizes his creative flair thanks to a lucky meeting in Paris with Ken Downing, then fashion director of Neiman Marcus, focusing on minimalist-style leather sneakers.

It is heavy on international markets such as the United Arab Emirates and the USA inside luxury malls such as Harvey Nichols in Dubai and Madison in Beverly Hills, so much so that Whoopy Goldberg is the first American jet set star to wear his pair of sneakers .

Today it debuts on the Italian market with the new luxurious collection of Made In Italy sneakers: feminine, masculine and genderfluid proposals with a futuristic design that redesign luxury casual, rewrite street style and interpret the poetic thought and the metaphysics of the color in the language of fashion 900 artists.Daniel Essa Sneacker Made In ItalyMade in Italy by the best manufacturers in the Marche footwear district, the leathers of the uppers are chosen with criteria of quality excellence and are combined in an alternation of matte finishes and varnishing reflections with elastic neoprene inserts; the soft rubber soles and the finest leather interiors guarantee all-day comfort.

In the collection, runners slip on for her and for him, with hi-tech designs that mix fashion and active style suggestions and sneakers inspired by vintage tennis models that play on the detail of the strings: the XOXO version is characterized by elastic laces that draw the shoes with the signs X and =; also for Toi and Moi the lace has the double function of closing and aesthetic detail. For both proposals, the strings characterize the design and can be changed, to completely transform the aesthetic perception of the shoe.The colors are chosen with great sensitivity, drawing from a patrimony of personal memories. The protagonists are the neutral shades of white, gray, beige, pink and khaki, but also total black and white combined with vibrant neon details.

The concept of white for Daniel It is defined in an overlap of very light shades that from the off white warms up in the milk shade up to hints of pearl gray, in a light, rarefied and silent image like that of the cloudy sky.

Beige, declined in a palette that includes all the shades from ivory to camel, on the other hand, is a tribute to the beauty of Matera, with its stones bathed by a rainy day, which reveal warm tones, material surfaces, shiny reflections. A refined palette of pink is declined in shades of powder, poudré, candy and is compared with beige mat details. The khaki version pays homage to the intense green of the coniferous forests that stand out in the Alps and meet the blue of the sky just streaked with clouds.Daniel Essa Sneacker Made In ItalyFashion and design, glamor and sporty-chic are mixed in the Daniel Essa collection to offer a timeless luxury experience, which does not follow the trends of the moment and does not end in a season.

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