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Darrabal women's collection

In a captivating Parisian night the intriguing and varied Fall Winter 2020/21 collection by Arrabal

by Adele Decarolis
In the suggestive night atmosphere of Paris in the ‘20s is placed N2, the Fall Winter 2020/21 collection by Arrabal. This brand is a real creative studio that manages to put together fashion, photography and music.

The designer, in her second collection, was inspired by the stories of Tango described in the photos of Brassai and by the events that are generated in the silent darkness of the night, when it is possible to meet workers, lovers, prostitutes and gangsters.

In N2 is overturned the principle of Tango in which “the man leads, the woman follows”, because the designer has not only realized sensual and transparent clothes, but also garments with an authoritarian and decisive tone, softened by rose-shaped pins in alpacca. The soft nappa skirts, tied at the waist, recall the deep slits of the Tanguere, and are presented in two different lengths.Darrabal women's collectionThe new collection of Arrabal is very extensive, and its garments range from hand embroidered mesh models with small roses applied on dresses, to jersey tops, poplin shirts, blouses and trousers, which are also proposed in a printed version.

The overlays are essential for the brand, and these are included in every collection: in N2 the shirts are over deconstructed leotards adorned with rose-shaped bras and harness in soft leather.Darrabal women's collectionVery unique and versatile trench coats, which can be worn both long and short, thanks to the buttoning on the bottom.
The colors used are the passionate red, which is reconnected to the theme of Tango, the purple, and the warmer beige, in addition to the traditional black and white.

N2 also consists of a capsule of accessories, such as earrings, pins and gloves, but also a bag model in seven different shades, which with its shape reminds the lampposts of Buenos Aires.

The designer also made a particular choice, in which she has decided to take a more sustainable vision of fashion producing garments just really intended for customers, and for this reason the N2 collection of Arrabal is available only online in pre-order mode.

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