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Altaroma . Creative District

Four designers and Rome as background: Creative District becomes Fashion Film for Altaroma

by Gaia Schiavetti
In these days we  followed some Altaroma events  for you and today we begin to tell you about them starting with the vernissage of Spazio Margutta organized for the presentation of the “Creative District – Fashion Film” which saw four designers as protagonists.

The extemporaneous beauty of Rome was more than a frame for the project that wanted to pay homage to the city by giving its lights and its history a veil of tulle and silk with the creations of Gemelle Donato, Roberta Baiardi, Flavia Lecci, Roberta Audibert. GAIA Italian Handmade Jewelery creations, long appreciated by the Altaroma public, illuminate the clothes. The designer wanted to make some of its most iconic pieces protagonists of the “Creative District-Fashion Film” and which tell precisely its relationship with Fashion Roman week.

Roberta Baiardi - Altaroma . Creative District
Roberta Baiardi

The Creative District project boasts a constant presence within the In Town events of the Altaroma calendar but in a different way. In this particular year that required everyone’s efforts so that even fashion could resume its rhythms in compliance with the rules, Grazia Marino and Antonio Falanga spent their energies to rethink the Creative District in a new formula by conceiving a Fashion Film.

Gemelle Donato

“The 2020 project of the Creative District was born in full lockdown, declared Antonio Falanga and Grazia Marino. Convinced that in July it was impossible to return to the catwalk, we wanted to plan a new communication strategy for our brands. The intent was immediately to bring high fashion back to the city center. A challenge won since the result obtained in images, brings back to those magical atmospheres experienced in Rome in the 50s and 60s, the undisputed protagonist of national and international haute couture “.

Flavia Lecci - Altaroma . Creative District
Flavia Lecci

From the catwalk to  Altaroma digital platform: the final result is a skilfully constructed product, highly communicative and which does justice to the designers’ work. The “Creative District-Fashion Film” was shown for the first time on the digital platform of Altaroma on 16 September at 3 pm but the guests, professionals and designers were able to admire the work during the vernissage hosted by Il Margutta vegetarian food & art by Tina and Claudio Vannini in an elegant atmosphere accompanied by vegetarian food and wine from the CiùCiù company of Walter and Massimiliano Bartolomei.

Roberta Audibert - Altaroma . Creative Distric
Roberta Audibert

The protagonists of the evening were four of the dresses presented, displayed in plain sight in the center of the room together with the jewels that illuminated them. Let’s get to know the designers and the creations more closely. She hand paints the silk with which she creates tailoring garments using the “Serti” technique. I’m talking about Flavia Baiardi, an artist who wanted to bring nature and flowers back to her clothes by playing with chromatic shades, cuts and essential constructions.

Gemelle Donato boast a strong presence in the wedding and formal wear sector and also on this occasion they proved to have a well-defined style. “Dahlia” is a collection that plays with colors and their mutability in which bold applications are mixed with light fabrics. A modern and metropolitan imprint that of Flavia Lecci who in “Incontri di anime” creates unusual fusions of materials enriched by studs and bold colors that claim the rock soul of the brand.

GAIA Italian Handmade Jewellery. Altaroma . Creative District
GAIA Italian Handmade Jewellery

The bon ton of the cuts blends with bold colors such as red, purple, blue and fluorescent tones to dress young and daring women. “Euphoria” is the collection that contains the new works of the young Roberta Audibert created for the “Creative District-Fashion Film”. If the lines are clean, decisive and minimal, the euphoria is entrusted to the colors: an acid green amazes alongside a clean gray and the aubergine of the dress, one of my favorite pieces.

To enhance the outfits the unique and precious creations of GAIA Italian Handmade Jewelery that you can see in the photos and in the video whose realization has been entrusted to Studio DB Images and Savana Movies. The make-up and styling were handled by Beauty Designer Raffaele Squillace and Hair Designer Lello Sebastiani of the REA Academy.

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