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Simonetta Ravizza nuova collezione Primavera Estate 2021

Simonetta Ravizza Spring Summer 2021 new collection

Celebration of Simplicity | A new dress code
For Simonetta Ravizza, the Spring Summer 2021 collection  is a celebration of simplicity.

A collection designed to last:
All-season pieces created for a woman who knows what is essential, who dresses not to be seen, but to express her essence.Simonetta Ravizza Spring Summer2021 new collection Beauty and Simplicity
Simplicity doesn’t mean minimalism, but rather a purity that accentuates beauty. Simplicity means attention to detail. The lines are so pure that the garments seem almost fragile, except that they’re made from the finest Italian materials.Simonetta Ravizza Spring Summer2021 new collection Colour palette
Muted, delicate tones inspired by nature. Tone-on-tone animal prints in pastel shades. Touches of colour, turquoise and green, inspired by the sea.

Natural materials becoming more beautiful over time
Suede and leather, white cotton and silk, printed kid and shearling.

P.Rew.: BertelliPigola PR

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