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Fratelli Rossetti presents “Open Art”, an event that gives art to the city

Fratelli Rossetti presents “Open Art”, an event that gives art to the city

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The Fratelli Rossetti
men’s and women’s collection told through street art works

Fratelli Rossetti relies on street art for the launch of new proposals: multicolor weaves, strong lines and strong contrasts are the innovations for the Spring Summer 2021 season. Always linked to the world of culture and performing arts, the brand confirms the path started during the winter season with the Love Each Side of You campaign, illustrated by Neil Farber and Michael Dumontier.
Fratelli Rossetti presents “Open Art”, an event that gives art to the cityOpen Art” is the event that presents Fratelli Rossetti news and takes place on September 24 in Corso Matteotti, outside the Boutique in Via Montenapoleone 1
A group of “Madonnari“, so originally called in central Italy for the their depictions of madonnas and sacred images, will create four live works dedicated to the most iconic models of the next season, exhibited outside the boutique.

The artists were selected in collaboration with the Madonnari Artists Cultural Center.The goal is to give an immersive experience by appropriating the urban fabric, transforming the Milanese portico into an en plein air art laboratory.

The icons of the brand, at the same time spokespersons of tradition and ever-changing symbols, are developed in this Spring / Summer 2021 collection in bold new variations.

Frame – The New for next season is the “Frame” line: footwear and bags characterized by geometric frames in glazed and waxed leather with important stitching. The details feature refined color combinations, from brighter colors such as swimming pool and forest green to softer variants such as baby pink and dove gray. The applications will be present on the typically androgynous dandy model, this time with a side opening along the shoe: a new detail that emphasizes its free and unconventional soul. Also interesting are the heeled sandals and mules characterized by the same detail, aimed at an elegant woman in her simplicity.

Brera – On the strength of the success of the previous season, the Brera Moccasin woven with the “Vienna straw” effect is back, this time also presented in the tricolor version. The man and woman model is dressed in a sophisticated light-heartedness, playing with chromatic contrasts such as tobacco and navy blue or candy pink and dove gray. For women, to accompany the moccasin, the new woven bucket bag, refined and versatile.Fratelli Rossetti presents “Open Art”, an event that gives art to the cityMagenta – The result of the evolution of the Magenta Codes is the new Magenta Moccasin, for this season with a bold square toe and strong color combinations such as orange and brown or optical white and marine blue. We also find the Magenta flat sandal, characterized by crossed bands and gold heel, in new color variants such as almond and orange. Also interesting are the “top handle” model bags, with the gritty Magenta buckle on the front.

Hobo – The Hobo slipper, in soft two-tone leather with fringe or maxi tassels, is reinterpreted through the use of different finishes, creating a degraded effect from suede to patent leather. The colors will range from warm tones such as orange or beige to colder shades of blue and light blue.

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