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HUI Spring Summer 2021 collection

HUI Spring Summer 2021 collection

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East and West meet and merge in an imaginative way in the HUI collection for Spring Summer 2021 which tends to infinity of style, in a synergy of inspirations that arise from the two opposite poles of the world and materialize in a unique signature.

It is the ancient Chinese tradition of lanterns that moves the stylistic fascination of a brand that does not ignore its origins but that unites them with the arrows of European thought, giving life to a rich and contemporary crush of models, textures, decoctions.

In the foreground is the artistically opulent character of the collection which translates the decorative ars of embroideries and prints with an oriental flavor into outfits capable of representing a current, decisive, intense femininity.HUI Spring Summer 2021 collectionIt is the play of contrasts that makes the difference and gives a characteristic dose of energetic dynamism: so sinuous and soft lines alternate with other more defined and precise ones; plays of transparencies are reflected in solid surfaces; the midi lengths alternate with the maxi ones following a new and singular rhythm.

The aesthetics of HUI are always refined and elegant, a perfect synthesis of two cultures that attract and talk to each other, and is emphasized by refined details, such as evident lacing, contrasting borders, tailored inserts. Without forgetting the essentiality of shapes and silhouettes, the perfect canvas to allow the sophisticated and ancient hand of embroidery and prints to explode freely.

A collection illuminated by a palette of bold colors that, from China red, reaches peony, passing through the energy of orange combined with navy blue and dusty blue, without forgetting chalk white, in a scale of chromatisms that they emphasize the romantic and poetic character.

MFW: HUI presents its Spring Summer 2021 collection with a fashion film broadcast live on the CNMI portal
An elegant crush between East and West in the heart of Milan becomes the story of the brand’s style through images

The East meets the West in a fruitful, vital and, above all, rich in imaginative style contamination that becomes the essence of the fashion film with which HUI will present its Spring Summer 2021 collection on the occasion of Milan Fashion Week.

An exclusive event that will be broadcast live on Thursday 24 September at 9.00 on the portal of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana in an enveloping and intended story through images.

5 women of different ethnicities shot in the evocative setting of Palazzina Appiani, a historic Napoleonic residence with a neoclassical beauty in the heart of Milan, a wonderful living room embellished with works of art and an architectural taste marked by French grandeur, surrounded by the greenery of the Sempione park.HUI Spring Summer 2021 collectionIn an emotional alternation of scenes experienced between the inside and the outside of the sumptuous building, women wear the models of the brand’s summer proposal capable of enhancing the original mix from which they come to life. Precise and essential cuts and silhouettes, plays of transparencies, defined lengths that emphasize the western character bend to welcome the fascinations of the oriental universe enclosed in the triumph of embroidery, decorations and prints, in a cross between refined details and sartorial inserts.

The cosmopolitan character of Milan dominates everything, with the excellence of its history and respect for nature, both brought to the fore by the movements of the models shot by a precise direction that lingers in the halls of the Palazzina Appiani and in the green areas that surround it.

A tribute to a city to which the designer of the brand is very attached and to which she gives a Chinese patina by inserting objects and traditions of her land in the film (from lanterns to red carpets, from kite games to the unmistakable silhouette of dragons) in a unique cinematic (and stylish) crush.

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