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Bacon new Fall Winter 2021/21 collection

Bacon new Fall Winter 2021/21 collection

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Bacon Code
Bacon Code is a story of shapes, style and soul. It’s pushing the boundaries of what already exists. It’s the way you move through the streets, and in the world, coming as you are, driven by independence and individualism. It’s high product performance  with an attitude, inspired by the city, conceived for everyday. The Bacon code is a contemporary take on design, lightness and warmth growing the idea of doing more with less.

Bacon’s version Aka virtual sustainable projet – Fall Winter 2021/21 Collection
Bacon’s new Fall Winter 2021/21 collection takes its inspiration from the brand’s key codes – shape, style and soul – and traces the coordinates of a new Universe.Bacon new Fall Winter 2021/21 collection
Growing the idea of doing more with less
as the ending of the Bacon Code states. Digitization and sustainability, cultivating the idea of “doing more with less”. The virtual twins who walk the Milano Moda Donna runway wear the brand’s iconic down jackets, models where research and experimentation are increasingly daring and visionary. They are called Dada, Cloud, Puffa, Double B… they are down jackets that blend design and art, urban sophistication and technical outerwear.Bacon new Fall Winter 2021/21 collection
Bacon Eco Capsules
Down jackets made with ecological Seaqual yarn, padded with recycled down and available in an extended color palette. Sustainability also goes from the Bacon Eco label in recycled yarn to packaging bags made with a film made from 100% recyclable sugar cane.

Dada Double B Puffa
The iconic models expand their offer thanks to different lengths and shapes.

The Superleggero fabric is inspired by Gio Ponti’s “superleggera” and allows the feathers to be injected directly, without the classic feather bag, thus lightening the garment in an incredible way.

And again the light waterproof semi-gloss nylon, the real treated denim, the eco sheepskin for the details, up to the Camou Patch, a new camoufflage created by mixing Italian jacquard fabrics with military canonical camouflage. And again the reflective fabric, in the two black and white variants, is the technological fabric of the season for the Bacon collection.

Mix and match
The concept of the mix of fabrics crosses the collection in a transversal way, in addition to the camouflage mix there is also a stonewashed denicm that mixes with a light nylon, a cotton-like nylon creating original printed checks. Check fabric that also returns to the corduroy creating a three-dimensional effect.

New entry
The oversized shirt padded with thermal wadding. The inspiration is the classic men’s shirt made feminine by a belt equipped with a small wallet and carabiners to tie all the new accessories.Bacon new Fall Winter 2021/21 collection
New in this collection are the unmissable Bacon accessories: from simple scarves to those related to hoods, from mini bags to eco-sheepskin hats, from thermal bottles, to sanitizer holders up to latex shoe covers to shelter from the rain.

Black and white in the collection on cotton nylon. Bright and lively pop colors for the Bacon Eco capsule. And a palette that retraces the undergrowth: from green to brown to beige, bright blue and dusty turquoise, blue and purple.

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