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Bacon After Afters Fall Winter 2022/23 new collection

Bacon After Afters Fall Winter 2022/23 new collection

Bacon code
P.Rew.: Bertelli Pigola
Press Office

Bacon code is a story of shapes, style and soul. It’s pushing the boundaries of what already exists. It’s the way  you move through the streets, and  in the world, coming as you are, driven by independence and individualism.

It’s high product performance with an attitude, inspired  by the city, conceived for the everyday. The Bacon code is a contemporary take on design, lightness and warmth, growing the idea of doing more with less.

Bacon After Afters Fall Winter 2022/23
Bacon After Afters Fall Winter 2022/23

“It’s pushing the boundaries of what already exists”. Pushing research and creativity “beyond” one’s own comfort zone to find new forms, experiment with new materials. Mix the aesthetic codes to discover a new, inclusive and explosive style in which the diversity of colors, shapes, fabrics, coexist in a harmonious, fluid way and mark the way for an “after“, a new chapter of the story in the making.

Bacon’s new Fall Winter 2022/23 collection takes its cue from the brand’s key codes – shape, style and soul – and finds new paths to follow while tracing the coordinates of its universe in which Man appears with a first capsule where they coexist , as in the whole collection, urban refinement and technical outwear.

Bacon After Afters Fall Winter 2022/23
Bacon After Afters Fall Winter 2022/23

They are called Dada, Cluod, Puffa, Double B, Claire, Amelia but also Andrew, Ron, Hernest, New Doris, Ramon and are the iconic models of the brand and the new experiments. They have a name because they are the real protagonists of this story in narration.

Capsule Man
The first Bacon men’s capsule starts from the use of the two historical fabrics of the brand: ecological nylon and super-light nylon with the inclusion of a much more technical and sporty cuff.

The Bacon Man comes in two lengths: a waist coat with a puffed shape typical of the brand and a knee length, a more enveloping shell. Few models but well defined and available in an interesting color palette ranging from grays, to taupe, from peacocks, to beige, with touches of orange, Klein Blue and purple.

The new Fall Winter 2022/23 collection has been enriched with two brand new materials: the first fabric made with marble dust produced by Limonta is sustainable because it is recycled. And then the fabric that dressed the Bacon 10 + 1 capsule, dedicated to the brand’s anniversary, the Degradé Pied de Coque on water-repellent rubberized fabric by Colombo Industrie Tessili. And then again the lightweight waterproof semi-gloss nylon, eco sheepskin, eco-leather and soft wool from Lanificio Paoletti.

Mix and match
The concept of the mix of fabrics, colors and details crosses the collection in a transversal way.The game of patchwork is taken up and sometimes exasperated, as in the Double B vest where all technical fabrics coexist, from nylon to cottons, to coated together, developed in four different shades of green.

And again the color palette mixed together for a more pop-strong touch in the Bacon Eco capsule with the Eco Ripstop recycled fabric: down jackets plus sportswear in plain colors with contrasting bands of orange / purple, purple / turquoise, white / black. And finally the eco sheepskin mixed with nylon for a soft and technical effect at the same time.

Bacon After Afters Fall Winter 2022/23
Bacon After Afters Fall Winter 2022/23  

New entry
The collection is enriched with new shapes and new ideas: the Blanket model, a down jacket born 10 years ago but now revised with a new slightly drier fit. And the hood: practical, comfortable, perfect for the ecological mobility of the bicycle: in nylon, enriched by a patchwork of fabrics, “heated” by a light technical wadding.

Bacon accessories experiment with new colors, shapes and models: scarves are back, hats are diamond quilted, in nylon or in ecological sheepskin, huge, warm and super cool gloves arrive, bags in nylon or nylon and eco-sheepskin, bags two-tone or in fabric patches.

Peacock, wine, biscuit, chocolate, olive green, mango, toffee: this shade of undergrowth is the starting point of the Bacon color chart for the new collection. A palette whose harmony is broken up and enriched by bright red, purple, Klein blue, white, orange and silver.

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