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KNT “Panda” Spring Summer 2023 collection

KNT “Panda” Spring Summer 2023 collection

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The KNT collection, acronym of Kiton New Textures, continues its path of exploration and experimentation for Spring Summer 2023, proposing its idea of ​​a “contemporary wardrobe”.

In the seventh season, the collection created by Mariano and Walter de Matteis, the third generation of the family, consolidates his vision of modern dressing, dictating the coordinates of a precise and sophisticated wardrobe that revisits the classics of men’s dressing, from the formal suit to the double-breasted jacket. interpreting them with cutting-edge materials and connoting them with ultra-contemporary and recognizable graphic details.

KNT “Panda” Spring Summer 2023 collection
KNT “Panda” Spring Summer 2023

The key concept of the collection is the “Panda” capsule collection, inspired by Mariano De Matteis’ favorite animal, reinterpreted with irony on key pieces, in three clear color versions: black, white and red. The panda is broken down into triangles, which recall the geometric graphics of the collection, or recalled with a design inspired by manga, as well as on a single-color micro-print on a white background proposed on the Bermuda/shirt suit.

The capsule reduces the wardrobe to a minimum, summarizing the key pieces with a nod to streetswear: sweatshirt, jacket, short-sleeved overshirt, trousers, t-shirt and an inevitable terry cloth and will be distributed in selected stores with a pop concept -up in Turkey, China and the Middle East as well as in Miami.

“The Panda collection is a new concept for KNT, which goes beyond the traditional patterns of seasonal collections and approaches a design project. Our goal is to make it become a kult for an international community that wants to distinguish itself with transversal symbols of belonging, always appreciating the great quality of the materials and design ”comments Mariano De Matteis.

The exploration of KNT continues by drawing on the deep knowledge of the origins of the family heritage, rooted in the Neapolitan male tailoring tradition to recompose it, re-interpret it and transfigure it into a new and modern concept, which reflects the needs of the contemporary man, traveler by vocation , inspired by art and aesthetics but always attentive to a necessary pragmatism without frills.

On various models, 91, the year of birth of the creatives, or the number 2, symbol of their couple, create a lettering that alludes to the game of Chinese triangles, which, like traditional shapes, are recomposed in original and nonchalant models, in constant change, like the restless essence of the man who inspires the collection.

KNT “Panda” Spring Summer 2023 collection
KNT “Panda” Spring Summer 2023 

Designed for this dynamic, active, self-confident and cosmopolitan man, the flawless tailored fit softens, welcoming oversized volumes and details borrowed from casualwear that make the fit relaxed and without constraints, ensuring maximum freedom of movement.

The classic suit, with an almost geometric study, is completely broken down and deconstructed and, while maintaining a tailored construction, it becomes fluid and agile like a suit.

The outerwear is light and performing: waterproof and crease-resistant jackets, bomber jackets and dusters. The classic trousers are joined by formal trousers with cargo pockets or soft sponge velvet trousers with a wide rib.

The search for new materials and fabrics starts from organic and natural fibers, finished with innovative and technological treatments that optimize their performance, making the garments light, soft to the touch, elastic and performing: very fine fresh wool for the classic pantalaccio (formal trousers with drawstring at the waist), super stretch cotton jersey made with circular looms originally used for the production of tubular stockings to give maximum elasticity to the fabric, waterproof nylon treated to obtain a “crispy” effect.

A denim family is added for the first time to the collection, offering two jackets, two jeans models and a dungaree. The classic 5-pocket jeans with a worn look, finished in 7 washes or the iconic two-wash drawstring trousers. All the garments are characterized by seasonal graphics, on the pockets, on the back of the jacket and on the bib of the dungarees.

Another novelty of the collection is the soft overshirt, proposed in various models and fabrics in natural, blue or in an unprecedented graphic reinterpretation of the camouflage motif, in shades of cream and military green.

The knitwear offers crewneck sweaters in natural colors made of raw cotton and linen, with deliberately rough and material textures. Polo shirts and sweatshirts in cotton jersey, sometimes combined with technical fabric, in addition to the classic t-shirts with graphics or embroidery on the pocket, where the tone-on-tone KNT logo also becomes a graphic symbol, a style consistent with the his time.

The collection is completed by two models of leather sneakers and an exclusive titanium watch with interchangeable straps made in a limited edition of 100 pieces in collaboration with Unimatic.

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