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May by Yinon Gal-On

The models protagonists in the “underwater” portraits of the Israeli artist Yinon Gal-On in the Respiri exhibition in Pietrasanta (LU)

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Yinon Gal-On
, a very refined interpreter of fine art, tells the rhythm of breathing, thoughts and emotions in art: palpable sensations permeated with suggestive beauty that intersect in this exhibition where the absolute protagonists are the models in a series of splendid portraits made underwater.

Nicola Ward by Yinon Gal-On
Nicola Ward by Yinon Gal-On

They are deep thoughts, traumas often silenced, fears never revealed that Yinon Gal-On documents through his shots. A creation that often also becomes a mutual and collaborative healing process for the artist and for the subject and, while culminating in a work of art, the path that the artist takes, with and through his models, is composed of numerous essential steps to reach a real synthesis between oneself and the figure that invades the photographic lens: it is the fulfillment of a mutual cathartic process, of liberation, also a path that leads to the achievement of bliss and inner peace that transpires , unmistakable and saturated with beauty, from the works of Yinon.

The Municipality of Pietrasanta in collaboration with the Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery of Dubai and Pietrasanta organizes the Respiri exhibition. Yinon Gal-On set up in the Sala delle Grasce in Pietrasanta until July 17, 2022.

This silence to which Yinon Gal-On invites also arises as a reflection and underlining of the importance of cultivating the relationship with oneself and of enhancing real life and interpersonal relationships not mediated by the virtual world, especially in this age in which we are subjected to a continuous process of almost forced observation of the public and private life of the many, with infinite images that cross our life invading it without limits to physical and emotional exposure. For this reason, Yinon’s works lead to contemplation of the breath and to regain possession of the attitude to happiness.

For this exhibition, Yinon asked a series of well-known models, models and actresses to pose for him, choosing how to appear and impersonating only themselves, contrary to what happens in their daily lives where make-up and clothes continually transform them into new characters.

The result was a series of works, those exhibited today in Pietrasanta for the Respiri exhibition, which testifies how participation in the creative process of Yinon represents, in effect, entering a special dimension as evidenced, for example, by Anne, one of the models: “Yinon was able to bring out something special from my inner world. I am a hyperactive person but suddenly I was invaded by total calm. Yinon induces silence and during the time of the pose I entered my zone of silence: an escape route, in which I was completely detached from the media and screens, I found myself in another dimension”.

The artist’s words echoed her: “Over the years I have documented the emotions of hundreds of people underwater. Underwater photography allows you to disconnect from the sounds of everyday life and connect to stillness and emotions, a connection that brings out the softer and more vulnerable side of people”.

Yulia by Yinon Gal-O
Yulia by Yinon Gal-O

The exhibition brings Yinon Gal-On, the young and highly rated Israeli artist and photographer, to Versilia for the first time, famous for his underwater works.

The exhibition can be visited with free admission from Monday to Sunday with opening hours: 10/13 and 18/23
The exhibition
In Hebrew the expression used to describe someone holding their breath is the same as breathtaking – “Otzer Neshima”. Yinon Gal-On, in investigating the space between the physical and metaphysical presence, between the “Neshima” breath and the “Neshama” soul, uses a creative process that sees water as a medium to communicate with its subjects. Yinon goes underwater with his camera, his models and his models.

In this dimension, where sounds cancel each other out, colors transfigure and light penetrates with its intense glows, Yinon Gal-On captures the deepest thoughts, memories, pain and pleasure, which become part of the work. beyond the visual or the tangible.

Yinon Gal-On’s work is well rooted in his search for self-discovery, his first underwater photographs were taken at the age of seven, his growth as an artist certainly cannot be separated from his philosophical and intellectual growth which led him to a singular artistic language full of phatos.

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