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Romeo Gigli Spring Summer 2023

Romeo Gigli Spring Summer 2023 collection  – Epic wanderlust

The Spring Summer 2023 Romeo Gigli is born from an intimate sensitivity gesture, the creative team turns its fervent attention to the core of passion that from the beginning guides the uniqueness of the Maison’s training path: practicing the attitude of storytelling through creation, to instill an enrichment of meaning in clothing, to blow a soul into the collection.

The inspiration that ignites the creative imagination begins with the methodical evocation of Romeo Gigli, and finds in the ancient myth of Gilgamesh epic the reason for connection: Sumerian Uruk legendary king and hero with a fearless heart, his warrior nature led him to wander across vast lands doing heroic deeds, his inner ardor guided him to the ends of the world to steal the secret of immortal life.

Romeo Gigli Spring Summer 2023
Romeo Gigli Spring Summer 2023 – Epic wanderlust

The noble soul spurred him to confront extraordinary figures and to the comfort of fraternal friendship with Enkidu, who had appeared as a rival and turned out to be a vitally important companion: a strategic alliance that made the epic journey possible, as the synergistic union of style office binds the strengths and skills of creatives in the harmony of the new path. The inspiration to the journey connects them.

Just as Gilgamesh, driven by his yearning for conquest and profound existence anxiety, travels far away, because far away is the abode of those who safeguard challenges and answers for him, also in Romeo Gigli the craving for knowledge and amazement guides the creative mind to seek wide distances, since the most precious insights reside distant in space and time.

Just as Gilgamesh welcomes the transformative wisdom of his long wanderings and when he returns from the journey he engraves the experience full of wonders, moods and conquests, on stone steles, so in Romeo Gigli the treasures collected in the exploration of exotic geographies and vibrant suggestions are translated as intriguing engravings on the weave of the garments.

Traveling in the Spring Summer 2023  is the same as performing an enchanting exercise for the imagination: the intense itinerary of Gilgamesh between bewitching natural atmospheres and prodigious animal creatures is instilled in the path of the collection, the legendary elements become formal clues which, thanks to the work of decanting the stylistic workmanship, create a current storytelling while merging with the sartorial construction.

Thus the narrative thread knotted to the original story unravels: the story is transmitted to the material that becomes a vehicle for pure fascination and an emotional caress on the body.

Lake of the Crescent, the place of the magical meeting with Utnapishtim, immortal sage who survived the universal flood, the lake in which the hero dives to grab the plant that brings back energy to the body and life, is the same lake that gives the crescent shape to the fabric to make inlays on the transparencies of the bra or round excavations of nudity under the breast of the corset.

What was the shrewd appearance of the Serpent, who from the hero subtracts the miraculous plant enjoying its rejuvenating benefits to the point of changing the mantle, is guessed in the sleeve in which the rolled fabric portrays him, then disappears in thinning into sinuous laces that cling to the unveiled skin and wrap in harmonious coils to close the flaps of the garment in double wear, finally reappearing in the surprising experimentation where heat warms and folds recycled polyester gussets that on the shirt all assemble in an embossing, amazing illusion workmanship to evoke the snake-like scales of lost skin.

Romeo Gigli Spring Summer 2023
Romeo Gigli Spring Summer 2023 – Epic wanderlust

From the Cedar Forest, the scene of feats against monsters and spoils of sacred wood, comes the fineness of the palette, a tribute to Romeo Gigli’s poetic mastery of color in using hues to paint sentimental landscapes.

The inspiration draws on the atmospheres that color the scenes of the adventures, and the silky nobility of the fabrics is enriched with dreamy shades: the dense greens of the forest, the misty browns of the mud on which the gold of the sun shines, the amaranth of the enchantment of the reflections of light that the sunset lets shine on the water evoked by the transparencies.

From the Maison’s heritage of stylistic art also come the sophisticated touches of the cuts, which together with the hooks trace designs with sharp slits and open the fabric to the geometry of lightness, and the iconic draping that sways lightly over the body while sculpting the hood that transforms into a cape: solutions of sartorial refinement realization of Made in Italy from the highest tradition of craftsmanship.
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